Celebrate the little things

This week I’ve been trying to focus on what I have done rather than what I have not. 😉 Because I tend to get overwhelmed with the huge pile of things that I need to do when I just can’t get it done. Cobwebs anyone? 😉 So yesterday I managed to get 3 loads of laundry done, I love washing towels!! I did 2 loads and it felt like I was getting something done PLUS they are easy to fold. 😉 The third load… well, it hasn’t been folded yet, but I think it will be by the end of today. I also made 2 gallons of laundry detergent, vacuumed the house (well the robot did) did the dishes, and got dinner done. Those are all pretty good accomplishments right? 🙂 And the kids did school, got changed when necessary, and fed several times. It’s all good. 😉

Today I managed to finally get through the clothes that needed to be sorted for this summer and next winter for the kids. THEY had a blast!! Ella just revels in new clothes and the girly-er the better! But she even gave dramatic gasps and oo’s and ah’s when “helping” with the boys clothes as well. The lads are ecstatic about their sleeveless shirts and can’t wait to get wearing them. Sadly, we’re still having mighty gusty winds that will likely make it too cool for them for awhile yet. Although they are already going out in just unders to jump on the trampoline, so maybe they’ll be fine. 😉

I also got through a tub of baby clothes that my MIL had saved from Ella’s stash of clothes. I can’t get over how tiny they are!! It’s amazing how quickly you forget how tiny babies start out! 😀 It got me in the baby “mood” though. I can’t wait to get to meet these little gals. Actually I CAN wait till they are fully baked, but I’m getting excited about meeting them!

Today as I was thinking about the Boston Bombing and feeling heart heavy about this world of ours and the state of things that our kids will have to live with. It was weighing me down a bit. I was especially sad about the 8 yr old who was killed in the explosions. Things like this should never happen! But I remembered that we live in a broken world. And none of this is new. There’s never been a time since the garden of Eden when things weren’t happening that shouldn’t happen. I read some encouraging verses in the Psalms, and they reminded me that God is still in control. I know His heart is broken more than I can imagine over what happened yesterday, but none of it has taken Him by surprise. And one day our broken world will be reborn into a perfect world. I’m looking forward to that!

So anyway, today I’m trying to celebrate the small steps, not dwell on the big things that I can’t change, and smile at the funny speeches of my littles. 🙂 It has been a good day!