Winter again…

Last night I was struggling to sleep because of a rhythmic thud-thud on the roof. It was raining. I’m not sure which part of the roof drips in that way, but even though I listen to ‘rain’ on my noise machine every night, this particular sound was annoying. I heard it several times throughout the night too. But by morning the thud was gone because there was a fluffy blanket of SNOW over everything! Ack!!!

I thought we had seen the last of winter! I wanted to have seen the last of winter. Fortunately there is a large housefly buzzing around in the windows to remind me that Spring really is on it’s way even though winter is trying to hang on. The snow has all melted in, and we’ve seen fog, and sleet and rain now all in the same day. Talk about moody!

I wanted something hot to drink this afternoon, but wasn’t interested in more coffee, so I scrounged around in the cupboard till I found a packet of hot chocolate. Blah! Don’t know if it’s because I’ve been on a more “natural” eating streak lately, but that chemical concoction of “hot chocolate” was revolting!! I couldn’t finish it. So now I’m browsing pinterest for a hot chocolate mix recipe that doesn’t taste like…. well, that stuff. Though I guess it’s not really vital since winter IS on it’s way out, right? 😉

Myles was the latest victim of Ella’s “gross tummy” thing. He was ill a couple of times yesterday afternoon/evening. Fortunately he IS big enough to find his way to the potty or a bucket most of the time. Unfortunately for his Grandma, the first one caught him by surprise. Yuck! Today however, he’s been chipper, eaten his food with relish and seems to have plenty of energy back. Qade on the other hand has been whining about “I don’t feel well” for days now! Since this is a typical MO of this lad, it’s hard to know when to take him seriously. Most of the time I don’t unless it’s confirmed with a fever, puking, or if he actually falls asleep for a nap. Right now he’s using it as ammo for not eating when he doesn’t care to, and trying to weasel his way out of school. I have been taking it easy on him since I know that “something” is bugging little tummies in this house, but I’m not letting him get away entirely. Yesterday I sat down and did seat work with him. Amazing how quickly he got it done! 😉 Today he did some of his video work as well. If he starts puking I might give him the day off, but I want to squash the idea that has firmly rooted in his brain that he can some how “skimp” on school if he whines enough about not feeling good. Ella seems to be better.

So that’s how things are. I’m trying to get some laundry done today. I feel the size of a moving truck right now though, so it’s not pleasant. Blah! The boys are attempting to clean up their pit of a room with much moaning and complaining along the way. I think I’ll let Stuart give them a boop when he gets home. Oh, haven’t heard about beeps and boops? Well, I’ll save that for another post. 😉

Have a great day! And if you have sunshine, enjoy it for me! All I really want to do is spend the day under the covers and read… in the quiet… while I’m dreaming. 😉