Playing Hooky

Qade has been complaining about not “feeling well” the last couple/few days. Normally I wouldn’t regard that as anything to put much stock into as he frequently comes up with maladies and complaints whenever something is required of him that he is not inclined to do. (clean room, pick up toys, do school etc.) However, considering Ella’s history from last week, AND the fact that he actually passed on a “hangugur” (as Myles puts it) and fries for lunch yesterday I’m being a leeeeetle more compassionate towards his gripings. They are still vague enough that I’m not so sure it’s legit, but I’d rather he didn’t spew on my computer while doing school. There you have it.

It’s beginning to dawn on me that we will probably NOT catch up with school this spring. However we WILL be done at the end of May whether we are really done or not! I still want to have a “worksheet” time for a half hour or so each day through the summer, just to keep certain things, like writing and numbers, in his brain fresh. And we’ll be doing a lot of reading. His Grandma’s both love to read with him, so I know that he’ll get a lot of that in since they will likely be around this summer to help with the monkeys while I cope with being a mom of twins. 😉 BUT the videos… I’m not too concerned if we completely finish. No biggie… don’t sweat it… it’s fine. 😉 As much as it goes against my grain to not finish something like this, I know that it’s not going to cause irreparable damage to the lad because he didn’t get in all 160 days of video school. Next year, we will factor in some “discretionary” time and try to be more diligent about getting it all done. Still, I think he’s come a long way in his first year of school. And even if he tells me daily that he doesn’t like school, he is still reading, still writing in cursive, and still doing math problems. That’s impressive for a 5 year old by today’s standard! 🙂

For now, he is lounging in his bed with books of his choice to “feel better.” If he should decided he is cured (which is likely) we will do some of his school pages for today. But I’m still going to nix the video teacher. I could do with an extra day of not hearing her voice myself. 😉

Fact is, I need to order his school for next year soon. Though I might put it off till August. 😉

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