It’s been a rough week. I took a quick biz trip on Monday afternoon- Tuesday evening. Stu has been hectically busy with some school stuff and has had a meeting every evening this week. Ella has been blessing the house with the contents of her stomach for 3 days, ugh! And all of it’s been taking a toll on all of us.

The kids have been REALLY struggling today. And by that I mean, they are whiny, fit throwing, temper-tantrum prone, and not so compliant to anything mom says. And I am overly tired, short on patience, and not very compassionate currently. It makes for a not-very-happy group of people blundering through their days together.

It’s Friday though! Stu does not (I think) have a meeting this evening. We will be grilling chicken, indulging in fresh strawberries and pineapple, playing with the kids and generally trying to take it easy and relax. Should do the trick I imagine. And actually, after lunch things have been improving in everyone’s outlook, I think, mine might need a little more work.;) Ella is napping. She asked for “more noodles” at lunch so that’s a good sign. She’s had some nasty diapers, so I’m hoping that means things are getting “through” and we won’t have any more revolting issues… hope, hope, hope!!! Qade is actually applying himself cheerfully to the remainder of his school, which is something he had not done ALL morning. And Myles is busily helping Popeye work on the house outside. One of his all-time favorite things to do!

And now that I’ve had my little “vent” I might just be on the road to attitude recovery as well. 😉 T’is a shame to waste a Friday in the grumpies, isn’t it?

Anyway, I had intended to write this post yesterday, but got distracted by stuff online and only got as far as the title. 🙂 Yay for small accomplishments, huh? Ha ha! But I had posted a small to-do list on FB that consisted of 3 things. Clean the potty (which beyond needed it), clear the floor to vacuum, and chop up the ripe pineapple. 🙂 Even though I had to battle “mommy brain” which was making me forget what I was doing halfway through everything, I actually managed to get those 3 things done!! AND I also got yogurt started, which is a tricky thing for me these days. I either have to start it first thing in the morning (and for me “first thing” just hasn’t been happening lately) or at a certain time in the afternoon so that it can culture correctly. So I was pretty proud of myself for that. 😉 I also got dishes put away (with Myles help, all the spoons were in the drawer backwards) and washed and put away again. Made guacamole, and green chili enchiladas for dinner. Got several loads of laundry done even. The boys helped clean the bathroom by washing down the sink/counter and the tub, which THEY had a big hand in making so gross anyway. They love it though! Give them a Clorox wipe and they’ll just go to town! I’m totally taking advantage of that one!

So by the end of yesterday the house seemed a manageable place. The floor was clean, the laundry was done, the counters were clear and the kids were all tubbed and scrubbed. Then…. Ella puked all over her bed, again, AND the floor. So she got to take a second bath, several towels ended up in the wash, and a pillow, blanket and baby doll. *sigh* At least I had a bed pad down on her bed (premonition maybe?) so that did help quite a bit.

But today I feel like none of the progress that happened yesterday lasted. The house is a wreck again, the kids-well I told you about them already, and the kitchen is a disaster zone.

C’est la vie….