This weekend we took a family trip to “Ah-kirky” as Ella calls it. 😉 The kids got to spend time with their grandparents, and we got to go to their cousin Helen’s “princess” party for her 4th birthday. It was a good time. On the way there on Friday night we had some really funny conversations with the kids! I like it when this happens because it keeps us all in a good mood as opposed to when they are squabbling over space and if so-in-so is looking at them or not. 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d share a couple of them with you. Maybe they won’t crack you up as much, but it still might make you smile. 😀

It started out when Stu was talking to his dad on the phone while I drove (DON’T DRIVE AND TALK FOLKS! just sayin’) and he said the word “geeky” about something. Well, the kids picked up on that in a flash and pretty soon the backseat was filled with 3 chirping voices saying over and over “Geeky” “Geeky” “Deeky?” (that last one was Ella’s).

After that I happened to be coming upon a traffic light that turned yellow, and I had one of those “do I stop fast or just go through?” hesitation moments. I decided to go through and halfway through the intersection the light turned red.
Qade: Oopsy, we went through the red light!
Myles: (In a dull voice) Now we have to get a ticket.
Ha ha ha!! Then they followed up with all kinds of questions about why I didn’t stop when it turned red, (because they don’t understand that stopping in the MIDDLE of an intersection is not such a good idea) and how police know if you went through a red light. It kept Stu and I humored for quite awhile.

A little later we were talking about things the kids liked best and asking them their thoughts on things. Qade brought up the point that he was going to be a pastor in Chino Valley (where his Grandparents Noggle live) and he would live in the empty house that is on their street. Myles parroted this word for word insisting that HE too would be a pastor and live there. Then both boys declared that Ella would NOT live there with them. 😉 Myles piped up and said, “Ella needs to find someone to marry her and she can live with them!” Then Ella started saying, “Ah be pastor too!” So I told her that she couldn’t be a pastor (unless she switched to Presbyterian 😉 ) and that she could do something else like be a doctor or something. I did not feed her the old “be a pastor/missionary’s wife” line. Even if she is only 2, I take issue with that line of thinking. 😉 Anyway, then Miles looked over at her and said, “Hey Ella, you could get married and be a WIFE!”

So much for my instilling female independence in my young daughter. 😉

Qade wrapped it up by telling us that the reason he wanted to live in Chino Valley was because he didn’t know of any empty houses in Albuquerque. 😉

Good thinking…

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