Unwelcome Bedfellow

Last night right around 3am I was sleeping away, which is what I like to do at that time of night, when I felt a little tickle on my arm. I brushed it away and squirmed around a bit, not really awake. I felt it once again on my arm, and started to get annoyed. That stray hair or whatever it was was WAY out of line bothering me at night! This time I rolled over, “Be gone stupid itch” thought I. Then, moments later, I felt a similar tickle on my upper back. By this point I was awake enough to realize that whatever was doing the “tickling” was doing it of it’s own accord, and therefore NOT a stray hair. My brain engaged enough for me to react more along the lines of how I’d normally react with “something” crawling on me. I randomly swatted/swiped at my back as well as I could, sat up, and tried to wipe off the sheet. As I was sitting there on the bed in the dark gazing at the spot where so recently I had actually been asleep it began to dawn on my bleary consciousness that there was NO WAY I’d be able to lie back down without “checking.” I thought I might use my phone to scour the bed but realized that little light source wouldn’t be sufficient. So despite the fact that my hard working hubby would be disturbed, I flicked on the light. Sure enough well out of the way of the random “swipes” I had frantically made across the sheet sat a little 8 legged creature. It was pretty small, and my eyes were very blurry, so I asked Stu, who had winced when the light came on and asked “wwazzzamadder?” if he could see “a bug.” That got him up and he rolled over nose to nose (?) with the little creature. “Yup.” was his reply. So I grabbed the closest thing to me, a washrag that had been covering the annoying green light on the noise machine, and tossed it to Stu with a, ‘Here squish it with this!” Poor man, as if he doesn’t do enough working hard all day, his bug-a-phobic wife gets him up at ungodly hours of the night to ‘squish’ little arachnids that happen to make their way, unwisely, into the bed. 🙂 But he was a trooper, always my hero and he quickly dispatched the unwelcome bedfellow.

After that we turned out the light and went back to sleep… more or less. My skin still felt like it was crawling and all of the “excitement” had woken up the peaches who felt like it was their bounden duty to make sure mommy had to WORK for those last few hours of rest. 😉

Silly bug…

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