Peachy Peaches

Today was our “big” ultrasound with the twins. I admit that I get more nervous about these things than I should. Of course we shouldn’t be carrying those burdens of anxiety anyway, but as much as I try to leave it with God, I still get butterflies. I’m a work in progress. There’s been lots of other stuff going on lately to keep my mind off the appointment, but I still was nervous enough by the time we got there today.

Then of course theres the office wait. Our appointment was for 10am check in at 9:45. The doc who does the ultrasounds didn’t show up in the exam room till like 10:40. Grrrr…..

Oh well. We got to see the peaches, or “monkeys,” as the doctor called them because they kept squirming around and throwing off his concentration. 😉 Considering how acrobatic their siblings are, it’s likely they will live up to being monkeys as well. 😀 The doctor wouldn’t give us a 100% guarantee of course, but he predicts that baby A and baby B are both…


The girls seem to be doing well, are certainly active, and simply have to “share a house” as the doctor put it. Baby B is measuring about 4 days younger than baby A, but they say that’s not an issue. They each have their own placenta, one front, one back, and that’s good because they can’t “steal” from each other that way. The official due date is still set for July 18. So we’ll see! Still praying to make it to that 36 week time.

Oh, and one of the nurses is now my best friend because she told me I don’t look that big. 🙂 And that’s nice to hear because I already feel somewhat like a manatee already. 😉 My tummy measures at 28 weeks-ish, so there’s definitely some real estate issues going on already. 🙂 I’d like some space for my innards as well, so three of us are squabbling for room. 😉

Now Stu and I have to get down to business of figuring out names for these little gals. Stu was asking, “How do we know which one gets which name? Is it just whoever comes out first gets the first name, or do we wait till they are born and THEN name them?” Interesting questions. Not sure I know. 😉 But as usual you’ll find out the names as soon as they arrive. Hee hee hee! Feel free anyway, to offer some suggestions, cause we could probably use the help.

And that’s about it. 🙂

P.S. Qade wanted to know if the doctor took pictures of the babies with our camera. 😉

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