The Glasses are Clean!

I broke down and bought some detergent tablets for the dishwasher. They are more expensive than regular ol’ liquid detergent, of course, and that’s nearly as hard for me to swallow as the chemical mess. 😉 BUT one wash and not only did the glasses sparkling like crystal convince me, but the squeaky clean washer, AND shiny plastics told the same tale. I can’t believe what I was putting up with as “clean” dishes before. Ugh! So I’m convinced, and no longer muttering at the hard water while I unload murky dishes. 😉 That’s got to be worth a little more, huh?

Did I tell you that Ella did manage to fall off her big-girl bed? One night right as I was about to drift off I heard a rather loud thud. I managed to ask Stuart, “What was that?” before hearing the plaintive little wails over the monitor. Poor thing! I hurried down to comfort her, and she had a little owie on her nose that came either from the bed, or the rough carpet. She was so sad, poor thing. I had a towel rolled up along the edge of her bed under the fitted sheet, but it had gotten rather flattened with the help of Ella and her brothers bouncing all over the bed. So I re-rolled it and then rolled it again in a bigger blanket. Now there’s a nice little ledge there that she’d really have to try to flop over in order to fall off in her sleep. It hasn’t happened again, and it’s been a week or so, so I think it’ll be fine. Surprisingly we have had less trouble with Ella getting up out of her bed now that she’s in her big-girl bed. I guess the excitement of escaping the crib was most of the fun for her.

A funny story. The other day Ella came back from visiting grandparents at “the white house” for nap. Stu and I were having lunch and she sat and talked to us for a few minutes. She started to get a little mopey so I asked her, “Are you ready for a nap?” and she kind of pathetically said, “Uh-huh.” while rubbing her eyes. I looked at Stuart and said “She’s a bit different than our other two, huh?” Ha ha!! The boys will NEVER admit to being tired, even if they are falling apart at the seams and yawning to beat the band. But Ella was ready so we got her cup, and her baby and her blanket, and off she went to la-la land. 🙂

I ate about a zillion carbs for lunch and now I feel like a slug… really. I need to stop doing that. It’s not a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Anyway, I wish it was Friday. It feels like it should be Friday, but it’s only Tuesday. How is it that Monday and Tuesday morning can feel like an entire week all by themselves?? Don’t get it. Nope.

I’m getting my hair cut this weekend!! Woo-Hoo!! Ready for something new! When I realized it had been SO long since I really had a different style, I was beyond ready to change it! I have an appointment for Saturday morning, and it really can’t come soon enough! 😉