Prayers for the Peaches

I mentioned in the long details post that I would post some specific prayer requests for me and the peaches. I figure now is as good a time as any. 🙂 First some interesting facts about twins that you may not know. Twins ARE genetic, but only fraternal twins. Identical twins are spontaneous. Kind of interesting, huh? That makes that one lady who had 2 sets of identical twins at once a REALLY rare thing. We have fraternal twins. Fraternal twins are not any more “alike” than any other siblings. Though my kids all look so much alike anyway, I’m sure there will still be issues telling them apart, ha ha! There are usually fewer complications with fraternal twins than identical twins. So that’s encouraging. That said, though, it is still more likely to run into complications with any twins than with a singleton. Which makes perfect sense. And that brings me to my requests. 🙂 These are things that I am praying specifically about. I know that God has His hand in the whole situation and when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, we will do whatever it takes for the babies safety. But anyway, here they are in no particular order. If you feel led to pray for one of these whenever, I know I will greatly appreciate it! 🙂

1) That the ultrasound on the 11th will go smoothly and not have any “surprises.” That the babies will be well and whole. (and that we can get a peek at what “version” they are 😉 )

2) The pregnancy would go to at least 36 weeks so I can deliver locally. Our small hospital is not equipped for preemies so if they decide to appear before 36 weeks we’d have to shuttle to a big city pronto.

3) That the babies can be delivered naturally without a c-section. 🙂 I know there are worse things in life than surgery, but this one has me really freaked out. 😉 I don’t wanna be chopped!! Ha ha.

4) That we won’t have to deal with bed-rest. That would be nice.

5) Both babies to be born healthy with strong lungs and no long-term complications. 🙂

I’m sure there are others, but those are the main ones. Thanks for your prayers as I know many of you have already been praying for us for awhile now. We do appreciate it! The peaches are squirmy littles already, and I’m sure once they get a little bigger it’s going to make for some interesting moments. 😉 We’ll keep you all posted on the ultrasound next Monday. Get your votes in for what you think the babies are, ha ha! We’ll see who’s right. 😉

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