Clean House

So, thanks for all the words of encouragement on the blog, facebook and e-mail about the potty training issues. 🙂 Apparently I sounded more desperate than I really was. 😉 It’s been frustrating to be sure, but I think I made the decision to just cease and desist before it got to bee too dramatic. Still… I’ll take a trip to a hotel alone for some bubble bath, reading and sleep time any old day. Maybe I should see how much I can milk this one yet. 😉

Anyway, today my amazing Hurb helped me clean the house. And it’s really clean, not just kinda clean! The floors have been vacuumed, I cleaned the bathroom, with the help of the lads and lass, yesterday, the kitchen is clean and sparkly, and most everything that has a place is in it! 🙂 I’m making headway on my “project” table where sits my sewing machine and a bunch of other stuff that just got piled there. Tsk tsk! Maybe this week I can get a couple of those projects checked off.

Back to the kitchen thing though. I’m pretty sure that the hard water has won and despite my desire to go more chemical free with detergents and such, I’m just going to have to get some for the dishwasher. The lemi-shine has been an utter failure! It does help, ever so slightly, with foggy glasses. But let me tell you what it does REALLY well. It will wash the red ink right off of a pirex measuring cup. It will chip off the paint from the gas stove burners that I run through the washer from time to time. They look all lovely and antique now (NOT!). So for as great a job as that stuff is doing plus the fact that several of Ella’s sippy cups have become just completely disgusting, I’m throwing in the towel. I’v tried vinegar and for all the good that does I may as well be painting murk on the dishes. Tried scrubbing them with toothpaste even, and yes they were sparkling and minty fresh, but it was gone after one run through the washer. A friend recommended one of those tablet products that has worked really well for her hard water. So as much as I’d rather not have chemicals, I’m still not dedicated enough to endure cruddy dishes, and I’m WAY not dedicated enough to was them all by hand. And there ya go. I’ll letcha know how the tablets do once I’ve had a chance to try them. 😉

Right now anyway, I’m enjoying a clean house. De Bella is snoozing, and I might take a walk since it is such a beautiful day! I’ve got spring fever something fierce, AND the Junipers are waking up which means while it’ll make me miserable, Spring can’t be that far away!! 🙂