20 weeks!

Or 20 weeks and one day, depending on which baby’s first measurements you go by. 😉

Half way!! It has seem to take forever to get to this point. Of course the first trimester is just so miserable that it seems much longer. Plus all the anticipation of waiting to find out what the babies are makes it seem longer too. 🙂 Either way we’re here at the middle.

I’ve been terribly exhausted the last couple of days (whew)! That whole second trimester energy boost… yeah, it forgot to show up. 😉 Actually I do have “spurts” of energy and try to take advantage of those. Yesterday though, I felt so rotten after lunch that I plugged in a movie for the boys and went and took a nap on Myles’ bed while Ella was napping. 🙂 It was nice, but despite that I was still more than ready for bedtime once it rolled around too!

Speaking of tired, I don’t think I have the energy to finish this post….

Just kidding, I will. 😉

But really the tiredness sets in in the afternoons. By then though, school is usually done, and I’ve tried to get through laundry and dishes in the mornings too. That helps. Today was a non reading circle day in school for which I was grateful! I love to hear Qade read, of course, but the seat work on those days seems to take FOREVER!!! I’m going to start setting a timer for it and if he finishes before the timer goes of he’ll earn a sticker. 😉 What’s left over after the timer he will have to do in the afternoon. But either way, we didn’t have to do it today. Yay!!

In other news, Ella has been potty training this week… sorta. She, for some reason, is resistant to the idea that “pee-pee goes in the potty” even though she doesn’t like it in her panties either. 😉 Oh well. Maybe a few days more will help her realize that she can control when and where it goes. So far though, I haven’t considered these last couple of days a success. She’ll sit on the potty for a long time reading books with me and nothing at all will happen. Meanwhile I’m sitting on the cold edge of the tub, not having such a fun time. Then suddenly a little toot will escape, and she’ll look up, so excited and yell,”See?!” like that was the whole point of it all. Rome wasn’t built in a day… and kids were certainly not potty trained in one. The author of that book is psycho!

Myles has been doing a lot of cutting in his “school” this week. I think it’s great preschool practice to learn to use scissors. The thing is he is meticulous about it. If he so much as just barely gets off the line he’ll say, “Oh, I messed up!” Previously this would also result in him giving up. This week however, he really stuck with it, and has been doing a great job! I keep telling him it is just practice to learn and get better, but he still takes issue with the “mess ups.”

Speaking of scissors. Qade is right handed, but cuts with his left. Anyone else’s kids do this? I remember thinking for quite some time when he was itty-bitty that he was going to be a lefty, but he turned out writing with the right. Guess some things are more comfy in his left though I can’t imagine that scissors are one of them. He does a good job though so I’m not going to rock the boat at this point.

I am so ready for summer I can taste it. Literally! 😉 The other night I had a dream about it being all warm and toasty summer-timey! The kids were playing in a little pool on the grass and I was soaking up some sun. It was so realistic that the next day I fixed a cold chicken/pasta salad and sliced cucumbers for dinner. 🙂 Just a little taste of summer, but I’m ready for it to get here. Ha ha!