Waz Happnin’

I had probably 50% of this post “written” in my head, but alak now that I sit down at the computer it hath all deserted me. Oy! This mommy brain thing is getting REALLY bad this time around. I experienced brain fog with all of my pregnancies, and I think it compounds each time too. I’ll be lucky if I come out of this with twins AND a brain! 😉

Anyway… We’re working on surviving Monday here. Qade fussed, threw fits, created holes in his papers and otherwise comported himself through school today. *sigh* Somehow we got through all of that and he is now happily running around outside with Myles. Speaking of Myles, the only time he threw a fit today was when I told him he had to wait a bit before doing his school. Oh well, it’s all good now.

I have tackled the laundry! It’s kind of a Monday tradition right? I’d like to change laundry days to Tus/Thurs but I don’t think it would work out. Somehow between my attempts to make sure EVERYONE has clean clothes packed into their drawers on Friday, by Monday there is absolutely nothing to wear. My brain cannot compute the why’s and wherefore’s of this conundrum, but I promise you it happens! 😉 I got as far as washing/drying 3 loads today…. and that might be where it ends. Ha ha ha! I have such a hard time folding clothes, arg!! I just need to put on an old Downton Abbey episode and do it! (BTW I have NOT seen any of season 3 yet, but have heard plenty of moanings and groanings about it. Please don’t tell me anything that happens. Thanks!)

I bought a product called “Lemi Shine” to add to my dishwasher to try and combat the icky hard water residue. I seriously think we need to consider a water softening system for this well. The water tastes amazing, but it is SO hard! The dishes come out clean but not lookin’ so clean, ya know? And I don’t need to rehash the toll that the hard water takes on my skin and hair. But anyway, this “stuff” is supposed to help keep your dishes from getting that grimy stuff on them. I hope it works. After the first go round, I’m not too impressed, but maybe it takes a couple of washes to really work. (??)

Saturday I had two photo sessions. I knew it was going to be a difficult day, but I wasn’t really prepared for the aftermath. The day of the shoots was actually not TOO bad in itself. I was tired for sure by the end of it all. I had a newborn boy in the morning who managed not only to hose down his mamma, but also to piddle through EVERY blanket I put him on, AND (get this) to poo right into daddy’s hands on the last shot of the session. Oh yeah! Ha ha ha ha!! I had to laugh! Even though I ended up with a large load of laundry, at least I didn’t get “hit”…. this time. 😉 The second session was with a sweet 6 month old. I love that stage! They can sit up (mostly) and interact so much! We had a great time and I absolutely LOVE some of the shots of her with the pearls! The hard part about her session was the flooring. I have this snap together “hard wood” flooring that I have used in several sessions now. I really REALLY wanted this stuff because I love the way it looks in photos. However… after setups and tear downs with this stuff, I’m not loving it as much. Oh I still love how it looks, but it adds SO much more work to the sessions. And toting it is no small task either. So after all of that I was pretty exhausted on Sunday and I was SOOOOOOOOO sore! I’m still recovering, but after a couple nights good sleep I’m doing okay. Ha ha!

There ya have it. My excuse for wanting to be lazy today! 😉 Wonder what I can use for excuses on all the rest of the days?