Planning for the future

To say that Qade is excited about the babies is an understatement! The day after we told the kids about the twins Qade snuggled up to me and wiggled in excitement while he said, “I can’t wait for those babies to get here!” Ha ha! So fun! I’m enjoying this anticipation time with the older kids. They were really too young still to know what was going on when Ella was brewing. 🙂

The other night at dinner Qade looked around our table and said, “When the 2 babies get here how will we all fit at the table?” Ha ha ha!!! I reminded him that our table has a leaf that we can add, and that we have 2 more chairs for our table as well. Then his concern was, “What if someone else comes over to eat? Where will they sit?” He’s good at covering the bases. 😉

Last night at dinner the topic of the twins came up again when Qade, after thinking for a moment asked, “Mom, will you have 5 children?” I said yes, and then asked him how many people would be in our family. He promptly replied “Seven!” Then he asked about where the twins beds would go. “We need 2 more beds, where are we going to put 2 beds!?” This is an actual problem really that Stu and I have been discussing. We have some ideas about what we may do, but rather than go into all of that Stuart started to ask Qade and Myles if they could live outside under the trees, “NO!” In a tent, “NO!” In the doghouse, “NO! There’s no food out there!” but we would put dog food out there, “We don’t eat dog food!” (news to me! ha ha!)

Finally Qade came up with the solution that THEY could move their bunk bed out to the living room and the twins could stay in their room. 😉 After dinner, he showed me just where the bed could go and that we could all sit on the beds to watch movies on the computer. Ha ha ha!!

It’s fun to have these discussions with the kids, and fun to know that they are thinking about their new siblings between times. 🙂

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