Sometimes they wake up happy…

… sometimes not so much. 🙂

This morning when Ella began to beat on her door I asked her brother to let her out of her room. There have been times when apparently one of the boys was NOT the person that she wanted to see on the other side of the door and she simply refused to come out, and would in fact close the door back and wail behind it. Ha ha ha!!!

I probably shouldn’t laugh because grumpiness isn’t funny, but as a person who has a difficult time with the concept of waking up myself, I can understand how she feels.

The lads usually wake up perky. Which is annoying to non-morning types, let me tell you. Even this morning Qade was up bright and early… actually, it wasn’t even bright yet, but that lad WILL NOT sleep in!! So while I tried to get coffee brewed and Stu’s lunch together I asked him to sit quietly or read a book. Neither option appealed to him, but I knew I wasn’t yet fit for kid conversation. I just needed a few minutes though. We were able to have a good Mom/Son discussion about whining habits where school is concerned shortly after. 😉

In college I would purposely get up 1/2 hour before everyone else in my suite. Partly it was so I could jump in the shower first (at least that was the excuse) but mostly it was so that I could have that uninterrupted time to myself to cope with being awake before I was forced to talk to anyone else. 😉 Believe me I was much easier to live with that way. SOME people wake up ready for deep and intense conversation… I do not understand these people… at all. 😉

All of that to say that this morning after Qade opened her door, Ella’s little bed-head appeared around the corner, and she valiantly tried to smile. 🙂 However I could tell that she wasn’t quite ready for it all. Myles went to her, all happy and hyper, and tried to give her a hug. She roughly pushed him away with a very decided, “No!!” Not to be daunted, he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She glared at him, and said, “YUCKY!” while wiping her cheek with her hand, to get rid of the offending kiss. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Poor little thing. Maybe someday she will learn to cope with mornings better than her mama has. 😉 Until then, I move that we change dawn to like…. 9am. 😉