We did abbreviated school today for everyone’s all around sanity. Probably mine more than everyone else though. 😉 The kids are now outside enjoying recess and munching on trail mix, where I added extra raisins. It’s so hard to keep these kids regular!! Anyone else have issues with that?

I used some of my fabulous smelling sugar scrub today and did a baking soda wash and vinegar rinse on my hair. This pregnancy and this DRY DRY winter have been really taking their toll on my skin! I don’t recall EVER being this dry before. My poor face is painfully dry and peely and my hands and feet are as pathetic as can be! It’s depressing. I slathered petroleum jelly on my feet today before donning socks. I’ve been trying to move away from petroleum based products as I learn more about making my own stuff, but so far the homemade stuff just isn’t making a dent in this double whammy dry skin. I’m still looking for the perfect solution though, so any suggestions are more than welcome. 🙂

Speaking of homemade a friend of mine has been making soap recently and shared a couple recipes with me. I’m intrigued to try it out. I especially want to try the shampoo bar that she made. It has some amazing oils in it, that I think would be great for my hair, which is also suffering from drought. 😉 It feels more like hay than hair lately. Anyway, I have a holy terror of lye, so that’s what’s been holding me back, but she tells me that it’s really not so bad as long as you’re careful, ha ha! So I’m going to start collecting the supplies I need, and see if I can’t crank out some homemade soap here sometime soon.

I did make some more lip balm this weekend. I made some at Christmas time and gave a bunch away to friends and family. I dubbed it “Rachel’s Bees” as a spin off of Burt’s Bees because they contain beeswax. They’re great! I had run out and was using the last little bit of a blistex stick I had and it was just not as nice. 🙂

Initially I had planned to start Ella’s “training” regimen this morning, but our dryer has quit working well. We think it is the heating element, and hopefully that’s all. I’m using this as a good excuse to put of the potty training till my laundry room is in working order again. 😉 She’s more than ready, and asks all the time to wear panties. I’ve just been dragging my feet. You know how I feel about potty training. I’d totally hire out that parental responsibility if I had the chance.

Well, stuff still needs to get done, Presidents Day or not, so I’m off. Have a happy Monday!

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