So… twins on the way! 🙂 We are super excited, occasionally super scared, overwhelmed at times, and as Stu says, already tired. 😉

I am 18 weeks 2 days as of right now. 🙂 The “peaches” as they have been christened by my parents are doing well. I’m feeling pretty good most of the time. I do get headaches often, pregnancy perk, and I get extremely exhausted from time to time. The queezies have let up, and I do feel somewhat more energetic than before. Although my prediction of having 2x’s the energy since I had 2x’s the babies in the second trimester has NOT come to pass. 🙂

Generally after you have a kid, or three, already people’s first question when you announce a pregnancy is “Was it planned?” Have you noticed everyone feels entitled to know these things? Well, to save you all the trouble of asking I’ll tell you, YES, it was planned. Not necessarily by us, but God has a better plan than we do. Honestly we thought that our family was complete after Ella. So much so that we got rid of most of our infant “baby gear.” 😉 We’re glad that God knows what’s best for our family though and super excited about this new adventure.

We told the kids last night, and it was pretty funny. A little back story. One time Qade told me, “Ladies tummies aren’t big unless there’s a baby in them.” 😉 Not sure where he got his info, but… okay. Fast forward to last night and Stu called them over and had me stand up (yes, I am showing!) and asked the boys if they noticed anything about mommy. Well, this kind of question always meets with some fingers in mouth and mumbled “I don’t knows” because they can’t exactly figure out where it’s going. I mean really, what ARE they supposed to notice about mommy?? 😉 So Stu prompted them (and had me turn sideways) and asked them what my belly looked like. Qade finally said, “It looks almost big” Ha ha! I laughed out loud! Stu asked them why it might be big, and they really wouldn’t answer that question- ha ha ha!! Finally we told them that there were 2 babies in mommy’s tummy and that they were going to be big brother’s again!! Oh, Ella was there too, and she was just as excited as everyone else, but she really has no clue… Qade finally “got it” and said, “Wow!” and after a little bit, “That’s exciting!” Myles was happy too, though I’m not sure if the concept sunk is as well with him yet. I’m sure he’ll get it eventually too.

So we’re all happy and excited, and I’m sure that the kids are going to have a hard time waiting, but it’s all good. 🙂

Sometimes I think that God likes to insert a bit of humor into our every day life to keep us on our toes, remind us that He is really in charge, and to make us smile. We found out we were adding to our family in early November. The weekend before I had gone on a “girl trip” with my friend Rachael and we’d had a grand time sans kids and responsibilities for a couple of days in Phoenix. On that trip we talked kids, of course, amongst all the rest of the chat, but we had both come to the strong conclusion that we really appreciated our family dynamic as they were and were content with our prospective “kid counts.” Well, although I didn’t know it at the time, there were 2 stow aways on that trip as well, so I kind of had to laugh later when I did find out. I could just imagine God chuckling to himself a bit as He heard me talking. 😉

My first OB visit was at about 10 weeks. I already felt pretty pathetic, but doing okay. I had resolved to gain only x amount this time around, vowing to get back into shape ASAP after baby. 😉 That initial visit takes FOREVER! They confirmed the pregnancy, “Congrats” I felt like saying, “Oh good, because if that’s not what it is then something is BAD wrong!” Ha! Got through the blood work and then finally in for the ultrasound. Now you’re going to think I’m crazy, because I know I do. 😉 But for some reason I had an “inkling” that there just might maybe possibly be 2 babies. I can’t tell you why or how, but trust me when I was waiting (again) to go back for the ultrasound I kept telling myself, “It’s okay. It’s just one. Just like before, no big deal.” I don’t recall doing that with the other 3. But once I got in there as soon as the image popped up on the screen I gasped. It was very obvious that there were 2! The doctor, a kind grandpa-ish kind of man, who does the ultrasounds said, “Oh, did you want two? Cause that’s what you’re getting!” He then went on to “Make sure there isn’t a third one in there.” And that’s when my eyes REALLY bugged out! However, it was just the two. 😉 At that point, I kind of started to laugh. Stu wasn’t with me and I just could not imagine his response to this news. I laughed and tried to stop myself (because I get into this weird hysterical laughter state that can scare people who don’t know me and I didn’t want them to have me committed before I had a chance to tell Stu about the twins) and then I started crying because I was trying not to laugh. It was a little overwhelming for a few moments, but mostly I was just looking forward to the reactions I’d get from friends and family. 🙂

When I did call Stu, as soon as I was safely in my vehicle where I couldn’t be considered insane, it was pretty funny. ME: We’re having twins. STU: No we’re not. ME: (laughing) Uh… yeah we are! STU: Do you have pictures? Ha ha ha ha!! So funny! Later when I called my parents to tell them my mom outright told me she didn’t believe me and then I really laughed hysterically. Ahhhh…. fun times. 🙂

Anyway, the doctor keeps telling me that this pregnancy will be different. So far things are going well. We have the “big” ultrasound scheduled for 3 weeks from now, and hopefully we will be able to find out the gender(s) of the babies at that time. We do know that they are not identical which the docs tell me is good as there are fewer complications. I do have specific prayer requests that I’ll share with you all at some point, but I’m pretty sure this post is MORE than long enough already. 🙂 We were excited to share the news with our friends and family and happy that Ella could help us with the announcement.

PS. I thought that I just deleted this whole post because I tried to publish it and wasn’t connected to the internet. That would have been a BAD moment. 😉

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