Say it!

I remember a quote from one of the “Anne” books and it pops into my mind every now and then. It’s in Anne of the Island and is when she is strolling through the “old St. Johns” graveyard reading epitaphs. She reads one that says so-in-so was “The best of husbands, the best of fathers and the best of friends.” Her comment was, “I wonder if they told him he was all of those best things while he was still living.” The reason it stands out in my memory is hearing stories of people who wish they would have told someone something when they had the chance.

That’s why todays Valentines Week thought is to say it! Tell the people you love what they really mean to you. Especially your special someone!!! Tell them what you love about them. Tell them what you appreciated about having them in your life. Because even if you think they know, you will never regret saying it whereas you might regret not saying it.

So… Say it!!!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest