The Monday Post

So I’ve run out of creative juice for my blog titles. 🙂 So I picked “the Monday post” almost sounds vintage. Alternately, it could be titled, “the day of laundry and dishes!” but that’s just a little TOO descriptive. 😉

It’s true though. All weekend long I feel like I’ve been fighting a losing battle with my kitchen. Why all of a sudden it has become so antagonistic toward me is a complete mystery! I actually thought we’d been getting along pretty well, but guess not. Now it keeps trying to make me miserable by refusing to get cleaned up! I don’t know where all the dirty dishes are coming from, but I can’t seem to fit them ALL in the dishwasher at once. Then by the time it’s done washing, and I actually get them put away, there’s another full washer full plus some… So, I havent’ had all the dishes done in 3 days. There has always been at least 2 dirty ones in the sink waiting for the next chance to hop in the washer. Whatever…. silly dishes!

And the laundry! Well, this pretty much sums it up.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest


So to avoid the or I am doing laundry today. One child has been going through 2 pairs of unders a night (just breathe!) and recently another pair during the day due to skid marks. (grinding teeth!) Please tell me that I’m not the only one who’s child regresses from toilet training every few months or so! Anyway, and I think pretty nearly every shred of clothing I have was in the hamper. Ugh! You know it’s bad when you start digging through dirty clothes and think, “This doesn’t smell so bad.” Ha ha! The problem is, I had several items of clothes that were clean, but smelled horribly like sour laundry. I’m not sure how that happened, but I put something on, and be totally grossed out so they went right back into the hamper. Laundry fail for sure. And they even were folded, what a waste of energy!! 😉

And that about sums up my day. We did accomplish school, which is good, cause I figured out that if we don’t miss ANY more days (even spring break) we will be done around May 22-ish. I do NOT want to go beyond that… at all.

I made a smoothie for breakfast in keeping with my “get more fruit and veg” theme this week. It was really good!! Somewhere I had seen a recipe for a smoothie that had oatmeal in it and I was intrigued to try it. So I first put the dry rolled oats in the blender and blended it with the “fan” as Qade called the blades when he saw them. “Hey there’s a fan in there!” And it nearly looked like a fan with the oats flying all around in there! But I blended them till they were pretty much powder. Then added a banana, frozen blueberries, a glop of coconut oil, and some almond butter, and milk. Blend it up and yum-a-roo! It was a fantastic breakfast, and it held me over till lunch without a snack! Amazing!

After lunch I felt like having something sweet so I made a second smoothie sans oatmeal because the blender was having a shower in the dishwasher… which now needs to be emptied and refilled. *sigh*

Smoothies are good. Dirty dishes, not so much. 😉 Enjoy your Monday!