This week

The 3 day headache from last week is trying to make a reappearance today. This is clearly not acceptable, and I will be fighting it with icepacks, rice packs and drugs. 😉

We’re gearing up for a crazy week in this house! Stu has some obligation or another every evening this week except Friday! That means I’ll be parenting solo for the most part and that we will be EXTREMELY tired by the time Friday rolls around. Prayers appreciated. 🙂

I’ve also decided that this week will see a change in our eating/snacking habits. I tend to be a comfort food by winter, fresh raw food by summer kind of gall, but I’ve noticed tell tail signs that we could all use more fresh and less comfort food. So the kids will be having fresh fruit or carrot and celery sticks for snacks and I will too! I’ve been loving the watermelon we got and I’ve been eating grapefruit daily as well, but now I’m going to aim for more carrots, celery, avocados and cucumbers.

I think, compared to a few years ago, we still do pretty well with eating veggies and fruit, but I know the recommended daily allowance for those things has gone up too, so I’d like to get back into the habit of eating those kinds of food more often than the easier granola bar or crackers route. Of course, it doesn’t help that I bought a Cosco sized container of Pooh themed animal crackers. “Pooh Crackers” have become a favorite snack for the kids and I admit I cave pretty easily because it’s so convenient! One day Myles wasn’t given a snack because he chose to not eat his lunch. They know the consequences of not eating a meal is no snack and I make sure that they tell me “I don’t want to have a snack” before I let them skip out on eating their food. So when snack time came that day he was rather distressed not to get any and was crying to his Dad (because Mom’s not so sympathetic about it) that he was sad that he couldn’t have pooh crackers. Stuart, who was kind of dozing at the time replied, “Well stop it, that doesn’t sound very good anyway.” 😉 I don’t think they were on the same page!

Anyway, that was free.

So my big plans for this week are of course school, good snacks, and survival. If anything else happens, it’ll be a bonus. 😉