This and Thus

Have you noticed my new blog look? Ha ha! It’s not done. I have to figure out how to change a few things, but it’s functional anyway. The reason for the change is that somehow my blog got hacked. Some rude person introduced some code somewhere that injected ugly stuff whenever I tried to post links to my blog posts. Some one obviously has too much time on their hands. So my hunky hubby came to my rescue and actually managed to isolate the problem and get rid of it. But I needed to change blog themes just to make sure it was good and gone. Hence the new look. 😉

So I’ve had a pounding headache for the last 2 days. Ugh!! I think that it’s finally leaving though, but I won’t hold my breath just yet. These things have a way of becoming semi-cronic! It’s like the leave again come again migraine! Stuart brought me a coke yesterday afternoon on his prep hour (what a guy) because sometimes a little extra caffeine helps ease things.

Stu and I finally made it to IKEA last weekend! I’ve been dying to take him since I went in early November. On that trip I got a couple of Expedit shelving units that we’ve been using as benches. I haven’t finished the actual cushion top to them, but the idea is there. Anyway, so this time around we found some fabric bins that exactly fit in those cubbies, so now we have a LOT of storage for the kid’s junk and probably other junk as well if I can think through it a bit. Of course organizing is Stuart’s forte so maybe I’ll just let him do it. 😉 We also found a bed for our Ella. She’s still been sleeping in her crib, but she has been able to climb out for awhile now. I may have mentioned before that I attempted to convert it to a toddler bed, but was missing some hardware and know how apparently. So anyway, she’s been in the market for a “big girl” bed and I really wanted to skip to a twin instead of a transitionary toddler. The bed I had seen before was a twin with storage drawers underneath. Storage is a premium in her room because it is teeny-tiny. Well, Stu found a similar bed with the drawers that also has the bonus feature of pulling out as a trundle!! So sha-bang! Now we have an extra bed to use for whenever it is needed. Though we only bought one mattress this time around so we’ll have to get another sometime. The bed is not yet assembled. It’s in 3 boxes and seems a bit intimidating, so that’ll likely be a weekend project… but not this weekend. 🙂

On another night time note with de Bella. She has been having pooey diapers every night AFTER we put her to bed! I don’t understand this rhythm, or how to fix it! She finds it a perfect excuse to get out of her bed, turn the light on and quietly play or read books and otherwise cavort when she should be sleeping. She is quick to inform us when we enter, “POOOEY!” as if she was only waiting for the opportunity to tell us that she needs changed, and it didn’t come along for 45 minutes no fault of her own. She’ll even seriously nod her head and tell me “Time out?” because she knows she’ll get time out if she’s caught up again. Crazy!

Alrighty, has anyone else noticed this phenomenon with their small fry. This happened today, and I’ve noticed it before. The lads did not have a happy day together. They were at each other from the get go and never happier than when making the other one mad. Anyway, the magic hour of bed-time approacheth and *poof* they start playing together like they are the best of friends, and that they just couldn’t be happier than in each other’s company. It happens often, and while I can’t think that they possibly know that sometimes their “nice play” actually garners them more awake time, sometimes I think that they must.

I’m ready for Spring!! I think the January watermelon that I got ruined me for Winter. Of course, I always pine for Spring starting in Jan/Feb, but this time I really want it to be here. Like… tomorrow! 🙂 We have had a few warmer days recently and it’s been nice to be able to send the kids outside. Still, it’s not the strip down to their unders kind of weather that we’d REALLY like to have! 😉

Speaking of unders… We’ve been having some bed wetting issues lately. And it’s extremely frustrating to me who feels like I have been potting training for about 3.5 years… solid! I try to be patient with it because I know some kids just have issues. But when they’ve been night time try for a spell it’s just ARG to have to wash bedding all the time. So in my frustrated mood I ordered some of Gerber’s plastic pants. You know the kind that are supposed to go over the cloth training pants to prevent leaks while potty training? Yeah, those. They came in today and I gave them out and asked that they be put away. Well, suddenly these noisy unders became a hit! Not only with the one for whom they were intended but by all 3 kids! I had some small ones that were used for actual potty training which have been shoved into the back of a drawer, but they were rescued tonight. All 3 kiddos proudly strutted around in those noisy plastic pants thinking for the world that they were the coolest things since popcorn. It… was… hysterical!! And both lads decided to wear them to bed tonight because, as I was informed, “These are very comfortable.” Well, more power to ya! No laundry for me tomorrow!!


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