Christmas gifts and giving

We had a very nice Christmas. Quiet (as can be with 3 excited monkeys) and relaxed. I made monkey bread for breakfast. That’s one of our traditions. Everyone, except Ella because she operates on contraries, loved it! 🙂 It was a casual Christmas with an untraditional meal of grilled steak, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Ha ha! It was yummy though!

Some of the highlights were Ella’s kitchen set from her Grandparents Noggle. She was pretty thrilled with that! Qade simply tuned out of reality and played the entire afternoon with his Angry Birds game that we got him. He wasn’t playing it as it was meant to be played, but he’d look at the cards, build the little forts with the piggies, and have a blast sling-shooting the rubber birds at it. 🙂

We all got a lot of nice things from people who care about us. I have to thank my brother, James, for contributing to my coffee addiction by giving us some Santa’s White Christmas coffee!! 🙂 My parents gave us a couple gift cards to various restaurants, so much for New Years weight resolutions. 😉

Stuart filled my stocking with personalized gift certificates such as getting a hotel room all to myself sometime, and one for a laundry pass where he will do all the laundry (including folding!)! Does this man know me or what!! It meant a lot to me, and now I’m planning on when I can ‘cash’ them in. Ha ha! 🙂

Myles’ favorite gift by far is his “drifter” race track that his Auntie Tiff and Uncle Curtis gave him. He’ll sit there for a LONG time just racing those tiny cars around it!

I’m trying to start thinking about getting back into our “normal” routine, but most of me is still resistant to that whole idea. Ha ha! Oh well. We still have a few days to enjoy our “vacation.” Then it will be time to dig in and get things done. Qade is going to have to work hard at school to catch up a but. I’m going to have to work hard at keeping things in routine. I think I have finally found the kind of chore chart that will work best for our littles. And I need to be more consistent with Myles’ school as well. Still… those will be after New Years.

Right now I’m going to have a bit of eggnog and look at the lights on our tree!