Silver Bells

Have I ever mentioned that Silver Bells is one of my favorite Christmas songs? I’m not sure I knew it all along, but lately I’ve been trying to decide which of the many traditional/classic Christmas songs are really favorites, and that one is. I also like they sacred ones Oh Holy Night and Oh Come Emmanuel. Of course I like just about all of them, so it’s hard to narrow it down. What I do not like is when people try to CCM-ize the traditional songs. I admit that I do enjoy many of the contemporary Christian songs that are out there. I get a blessing from them and enjoy singing along. However, when those same “artists” try to put their spin on traditional Christmas songs I can’t stand it. It just sounds terrible to me. In fact I can handle “pop-tart’s” jazzed up versions better than I can stand the CCM sound. Not really sure why, but I’m basically just avoiding those stations till after the Holidays because it grates so badly on my nerves.

Ella is an apple thief! I often set my apples out on the counter to come to room temp before I eat them, because my teeth are too sensitive to cold. On more than one occasion now Ella, aided and abetted by the stool that she brings from the bathroom, has absconded with MY apple, and I find it a few minutes later with 5 or 6 little bites taken from it. One time I just relented and let her have the apple. The next time I chopped off the chewed part and gave her that to finnish while I ate the rest. They are my special honeycrisp apples after all!! 🙂

Myles has made up a song called “The Barn and the Pigs.” I have no idea where he got the idea for this song, but the melody he snitched from Qade’s school lesson when they sang “Farmer and the Dell.” It’s kind of funny though because the barn and pigs has popped up in conversations a lot since it was first invented, and every so often you can hear Myles singing the song softly to himself as he plays. Ha!

Today I was tickling Ella and we were going back and forth on the proper pronunciation of the word “lunch”. She insisted that it is “Munch” whereas I was equally convinced that its “Lunch” ha ha! She would laugh and laugh and say “munch” over and over, but when I said “munch” she’d say Noooooooo! Silly silly girl! I’ve been trying to work with her on some of her words like “foffee” instead of coffee, that’s an important one to get right, and “munch” of course as well as others. Still I’m super happy with where her vocab is now as opposed to a few months back when I thought the girl was never going to speak!

Our Christmas tree has proved to be an irresistible temptation for Qade who simply does NOT possess the ability to look and not touch. When I hung our stockings I informed the kids they were absolutely not to touch. I told them about how baby Qade had pulled one down and the very heavy cast iron holder had landed on his head much to his consternation. So with that story in mind they would pace between the 4 hanging stockings. I was sitting right there watching the process of “looking” but had to frequently remind Qade to keep his hands off! He’d be looking away and his hand would just come up of their own accord, and he’d try, you could see the effort, to keep them suspended in air, but inevitably they would shoot out and touch one of the stockings. And the same has proven true for the tree and the ornaments. I originally had a “don’t redecorate the tree” policy, but I realized that all it was going to do was make it so that I had to be constantly disciplining them for touching the lovely tree and it’s shiny ornaments and make me aggravated and wishing we’d never set the thing up. So while I do draw some lines, I don’t mind if they “have” to rearrange an ornament here or there.

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a couple of fudge recipes that I came across. They both call for either marshmallows or marshmallow cream and I haven’t been able to lay my hands on those yet. Perhaps I’ll find them when I grocery shop this weekend. Although what I’ll do with 2 batches of fudge is beyond me! 😉