Tears for the fallen

I’m having a difficult time coming to grips with the tragedy that happened in Connecticut on Friday. When we hear about terrible things happening around the country or world, it’s often easy to disconnect ourselves from it. But when it happens to children, the most innocent parts of any society, it can’t be shaken off.

Having a little one the same age as those young victims also makes it hit home harder. My heart breaks for the families who have gifts under their tree for someone who can never open them.

Last night after reading a news article with the names of the fallen, and some photos of those sweet little faces, I went to bed and cried. I cried for the families with unmendable holes in their hearts, I cried for the babies who will never have a chance to grow up, and I cried for the depravity of the world where something this horrible can happen.

Today I still feel like crying. But I’m trying to hold back the tears as I watch my own 3 crazy kids run/hop/drive around playing with new toys they got at our early Christmas celebration last night. I know that I will never understand the situation that breaks my heart right now. But there’s one thing I’m not doing and that is wondering why God “let” this happen. I believe that God’s heart is more broken over this evil action than any of ours ever could be. I know that He welcomed each of those little souls into heaven and cradled them in His loving arms. I can’t ever in this lifetime comprehend things like this that happen. But I know that God is good and loving and right now that’s what I need to think on.

And I’m going to spend some extra time loving on my littles as well.

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