Baby Jesus is missing!!

I have a little Nativity set. It’s got childlike figures and some cows, sheep and a donkey. I bought it when I was teaching music at PCA to use in decorating my piano. 🙂 I like it. But it’s got some years on it.

Last year, apparently, the box that I had always kept the pieces in in their secure foam spots disappeared. I guess I figured that tossing them all into a zip-loc bag and putting them in the Christmas decorations bin would be secure enough because that’s how I found them this year. I decided that I would put these out on an end table for the kids to enjoy, as long as they stayed on the table. In the bottom of the bag were several miscellaneous animal ears that had broken off in the process of being stored all year. Oh well…

Ella at once pounced upon the “bee-bee!” “She-sus” in the manger and tried to carry it around with her everywhere! I kept reminding her that it needed to stay on the table. Well, it took about 2 days, but somehow the manger and baby Jesus have vanished. I can’t say I’m too surprised, though Qade was quite disconcerted this morning when he noticed the absence. I’m sure it’ll show up somewhere. Whether or not it’s in one piece is yet to be seen. 😉

I would like to one day have a lovely Nativity. Like a Willow Tree one or something. But I’ve come to the firm conclusion (after Ella managed to break one of our metal stocking holders) that it’s going to be YEARS before I’m able to have nice decorations that have no function beyond being pretty to look at. 🙂

And that’s okay. Right now we’ll just have fun redecorating the tree EVERY day and searching the house for our baby Jesus.

Enjoy the season!

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