It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Finally! Took long enough for sure! 😉

I went shopping this morning BY MYSELF!! And one of the main things on my to-do was get a Christmas tree. Our “norm” has been to get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but somehow things got all backed up this year and that just didn’t happen.

Then we all got sick. 🙁

And now we’re well, and ready to get in the Christmas mode. I still don’t have Christmas music on my iPod. I have to admit that one of the biggest inconveniences in having a device like an iPod is that while it will hold OODLES of music, it won’t hold all your music (generally) and that means you have to swap stuff out. And since all of our iDevices are synced to Stuart’s computer, that means that I can’t just go and do it at a whim. So… lazy me has just not gotten that done, but hark! I will have it accomplished by the end of this weekend!!! 😉 I think…

I did dig up an old CD recording that I have of Handel’s Messiah and listened to that this week. It helped a lot. I LOVE those pieces! And the fact that I got to sing in a college production of it one year just makes it that much more nostalgic. *sigh*

So this morning while I was at wally-world loading up my cart with stocking stuffers for the kids (don’t tell the boys they are getting angry birds tooth brushes!) and candy canes and some supplies to finish our own Christmas gifts, I started to feel a bit o’ that Christmas feelin’. So I zipped over to the Christmas section (or one of them, I guess) and found a floofy overpriced “Merry Christmas” wreath and plunked it in my cart. See, I happen to be at least in touch with reality enough to know that I will NOT get around to making any of the amazingly beautiful wreaths that I see floating around on pinterest, so it’s all good. 😉

And once I got that taken care of I was off like a shot through the store finding gifts and baskets and stocking stuffers galore! 🙂 (that’s almost Seussical)

Then I went to the chips aisle (where I usually don’t ever venture) to find some pretzel rods for a gift treat that the lads are going to “help” me with this week, and low and behold they had none. Seriously?? A whole aisle full of chips and NO pretzel rods?? How is this even possible? So my good mood started to dim a bit. I thought about letting it go, but then I kinda had my heart set on doing this project with the boys since I nearly never do projects with them. So I checked out having found everything else on my list, and quite a few things not on it, and loaded up the truck (trying not to inhale too deeply the sour milk smell that was in the ice chest, ick) and drove over to Safeway. I would have been in the Grinchest of Grinch moods had THEY too not had pretzel rods, but they did. So I stayed happy. 🙂 <-- See? After that I drove back the way I came to hit Home Depot where I knew that the perfect tree awaited me. I didn’t want to get it before I went to Safeway because who knows if it would still have been in the back of the truck when I got out. Yeah… Gallup. And actually I didn’t care too much about the “perfect” tree at this point. I just wanted to get one and get out. So the lady who was being so helpful to people looking for trees was chatting it up (for a long time) with each person and I finally just asked her if I could take one of the ones that was all wrapped up and go. 😉 She said that she’d cut the end off for me, but I assured her that my man and his chainsaw could take care of that at home.

FINALLY I wrangled that big tree (the tag said 6-7 feet, but I’m sure it was at least a good foot taller than that!) into the back of the truck. Got myself some lunch and headed off. Course the “Tank Empty” light came on right about then, so I made a quick stop for some gas, and THEN I was off for home. 🙂

The boys were so excited about the tree! They asked if tomorrow is Christmas, and Myles wanted to know specifically if it was “snow time” now. 😉 The forecast on my computer does say a chance of snow tomorrow so perhaps it will be snow time.

Trimming the tree will happen eventually. If not tonight, then tomorrow for sure. And then we’ll all be in the Christmas Spirit for sure! 😉