Ugh and ugh

So you take your kids to the doctor’s office for a “well check up” and low and behold every time someone ends up sick! I try to keep them from touching things as much as possible, we avoid the “pediatric” waiting room with the germ laden toys, and rub their hands with hand sanitizer when we leave, but it never seems to be enough. I wish they had separate rooms for the “well” visits than they do for the sick visits. Cause I’m kinda sick of this to be honest.

Qade’s the one who’s down for the count this time. But it likely will spread to everyone else in time. They did get the flu-mist. Does that cause nausea and vomiting? I don’t think so…

Anyway, despite my precautions of putting him ON a towel with a bucket nearby “just in case” he still manages to hit the carpet every time. What in the world!?! He’s skipping lunch right now and sipping on some watered down apple juice, he said the soda hurt his throat. Hoping all that stays where it should, and we can have a happier afternoon.

And just to be extra helpful on a day when things are all going wrong, Ella has been the queen of naughtiness today. EVERYTHING in her little sphere of existence has been a crisis that she feels she needs to scream at me about. I’m plotting her nap-time as I write. 😉

So that’s how I’m spending my Wednesday (it IS Wednesday, right? I’m having a hard time with days this week) trying to keep stuff in my stomach down while cleaning up the stuff that was in someone else’s. Ugh!

You’re welcome for that.