Be Happy


So I know that lately with stuff in politics and stuff in world issues and stuff with Israel and stuff with family and people attempting and committing suicide and the economy and issues after issues I can get weighed down in my mind.

I know the world is a “bad” place. Lots of bad things happen every day all the time all over the planet. But I can’t dwell on those things. I don’t want to go to church and only hear about how bad everything is. I don’t want to get on facebook and only see people moaning about election results or political issues. I don’t want to talk to people about how bad things are getting. I don’t.

Perhaps you think it’s a sorry way to go through life so “out of touch” with what’s really going on. But honestly, I believe in God. I know things are bad now, but they’ve been bad lots of times before too. I know that things are going to one day be REALLY bad and it’ll make everything that we’ve thought was bad up till then seem oh, not-so-bad. But I’m not planning on sticking around for all of that. I know that God has His hand on Israel and in the hearts of ALL world leaders whether they acknowledge Him or not.

And that helps me remember that since God is good… life is good too! And there is still beauty left! Lets look at it and be happy! 🙂

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