I had a brilliant idea last night to tell the lads that there would be a movie ready for them to watch on the computer when they got up in the morning. My thinking was this would keep them from crashing around in their room and waking up their sister and parents, and would keep them quietly occupied in the living room for long enough for us to at least kinda sleep in. 😉

However, what I didn’t factor in was the little sister. She decided that it was time to get up at 4-something this morning. I saw the sings in her monitor and went downstairs to put her back to bed. We have a lamp in the living room that is on a timer. Stu likes to set it so that it automatically turns on in the morning and we can come down to a nicely lit space instead of stepping on legos in the dark. 😉 The monkeys must have messed with the timer though because the other night when I was up with Ella at 3:30am it clicked on. Last night when she got up at 4 it was also on. 🙁 I wonder if this extra light is contributing to her very early morning risings.

Anyway, she went back to bed and I got a little more sleep till the next time she got up 6 something AM. This time she had a wipe in her hand that she was cleaning her baby’s face with. She then told me she was “pooey” and so I had to change her. I tucked her back into bed with a cup of milk hoping that she’d konk back out.

I don’t think she went back to sleep because at 7am she was beating on her door to get out. I found myself thinking, “Why can’t one of the boys, who are surely up watching their show, open her door?” Surprisingly the lads were NOT up yet! Go figure! The one day they actually do sleep in, Ella has to rise with the roosters! I’ve come to the conclusion, sadly, that my sleeping in days may actually be over till we’re retired. And by then I’ll likely suffer from insomnia, so what good will it do? 😉

Recently I have been eyeing our sad sad drape situation. I can’t stand our curtains! I’d like to make some actually and add a bit of color or pizzaz to our living spaces. I think I’ll do the one window in the space that we’re slowly converting to a “play-room” first. The living room is still in a state of imminent change. Once it’s been worked on I’ll have a better idea of what colors to use. The kitchen kind of bleeds into the living space, and right now it clashes badly with the curtains that we currently have. Still, I don’t want to tackle too much at once. After all, I’ve only had nominal success with sewing straight lines. 😉 For the playroom window I’m considering either an aqua colored pattern or a red pattern fabric. We shall see…

I’ve been browsing pinterest for Thanksgiving recipes. They all look so yummy!! How I’m ever going to decide is beyond me. Ha ha! I think I’m going to go the pecan bar route instead of pecan pie. I still want a pumpkin pie however, and I’m really thinking about doing an eggnog pie as well. Hey… no one can watch carbs on Thanksgiving! It’s against the law, I think. 😉 Of course I’ll be making my clover rolls, and stove top dressing. (Because turkey-butt stuffing is the most disgusting thing EVER invented!) I think I’m going to skip the smashed potatoes though, and just do sweet taters! Oh and I’ll have the cranberry delight stuff, and some other random veggie too. It’s going to be yummy!! It seriously seems to have crept up on us quickly this year. Anyone else? I guess the extent of our feast will rely mostly on what I can get at the store this weekend, since my brain has not been in the Thanksgiving shopping mode till now.

Anyway, I’m off to attempt another blanket dying. I have to admit my first attempt was a bit disappointing since the blanket turned out kinda purple-taffy colored. Not what I was going for. I’m going to give that one a go again, but till I can get some other dye I’m going to try the “wine” colored one today. Oh, and I’m going to use the washer instead of a bucket this time! Don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place. I’ll let ya know how it goes. And hopefully we won’t all be wearing wine colored clothes after this. 😉

Ta ta