Today is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!! Who knew?

I have some old-ish leftovers that I may clean out today, just for “fun.” But I won’t be doing a whole fridge clean. Just the thought of trying to wipe down those shelves and drawers is not pleasant for me. Sure, it needs to be done, but why do I have to do it just because “they” decide that today should be THE day? Who gets to decide what day or month is supposed to be for a certain thing? There are some really random days out there too. Weird. I should invent my own day. I wonder what I would require everyone else to celebrate on the day I make? Hmmmmm???? Maybe, Clean Out Your Hairbrush Day, or Deodorize Your Disposal Day, or maybe just Have an Extra Cuppa Coffee Day! Yeah… I’ll have to think about this.

Anyway, besides NOT celebrating clean out your fridge day, I’m not doing much else today either. 😉 I did a bunch of laundry yesterday which has some leftovers that need to be folded. I suppose that will make up part of my day. The floors badly need to be mopped which will likely NOT make up part of my day. 😉 At least today.

Myles and Ella are “washing” the windows with a sopping wet washcloth. Of course you realize, what they do not, that it will dry in nasty blobby streaks and the “clean” window will actually not look better than it did before. But I’m not going to squash their enthusiasm. In fact I may just bust out the Windex and let them use some paper towels to really clean them since they’re in the mood. 😉

I need to go to the Post Office. But the guy who’s supposed to come fix our furnace called and “might” be coming out if his truck gets fixed. So what to do? Do I sit at home and wait for his truck to perhaps show up, or do I risk the 15 min it’ll take me to make it to the P.O.? I’d probably see his truck pass me if he came while I went, but knowing my luck he’d show up tap on the door and beat a hasty retreat while I’m mailing bills. Grrrrrr!! Why can’t people actually set up REAL appointment times around here? This drives me crazy!

Anyway, I’ve been browsing craigslist for some twin-bed options for Ella. I believe I’m just going to skip the toddler bed thing with her altogether. There’s really no point. Her crib is supposed to convert, but the hardware has gone AWOL and I figure it’s not worth the hassle to find out what it is, where it went, or how to replace it when it’s going to need to be replaced by a bigger bed in the near future anyway. Especially considering how tall that gal is! She’d likely be out of the toddler bed before the hardware paid for itself. 😉 Ha ha! So I found a couple of options that I’ve got my MIL and Dad ready to check out for me. Hopefully we can find something soon because the child will NOT stay in the crib. Not that I think she’ll stay in the “big” bed, but at least there won’t be climbing involved in her getting out.

Well, Qade has one more small section of school left and then I’m going to pack them all up and go to the PO. If the dude shows up while we’re gone, it’s HIS issue. 🙂

Ta ta!