True Story

In fact I sometimes still do! 🙂 Not when I’m driving of course.

So yesterday while we were at church it suddenly occurred to me that I had forgotten to put deodorant on that morning. It was’t a happy realization. Fortunately I don’t suffer from major odor issues, especially in the cool months, but just the knowledge that I was without that extra level of protections made me feel really self-conscious for the rest of the day. Ugh!


And I’m proud of myself because I have finally actually learned how to spell deodorant. 😉

My spelling issues stem from the fact that I’m an Auditory learner. I spell things the way they “sound” so don’t blame me if someone somewhere decided that the word calendar should be said Cal-en-dEr instead of Cal-en-dAr. This is why certain words are ALWAYS a struggle for me. Words with double consonants are issues for me as well. Oh well. Most of the time I have the option of using spell check. In the event that you get an actual hand written note from me, just appreciate the sentiment and ignore the spelling, k?

Today is Veterans day observed so Stu gets the day off! I’m happy that he’s going to be home! It used to be that I would brew a 6 cup pot of coffee and that would do for both of us for the day. Now on days when he works I brew an 8 cup pot because he takes his to work in a mug. When he stays home however, and we both make multiple trips to the coffee pot I have to brew a 10 cup pot! Yes… we are progressive addicts.

Speaking of coffee, today I’m going to order some of Barney’s Santa’s White Christmas. It’s the best coffee in the WORLD and completely blows away anything S’bucks can come up with. 😉 I haven’t had any for at least 2 years and that’s way too long.

Anyway, it’s 7:30 now, and I should think about breakfast for myself and the kids. That’s one of the biggest non-perks about going off daylight savings, the kids wake up SO early! So at 6:57 this morning it was obvious that I was going to need to get up to avoid finding total destruction in our house later. As it was, Ella had already found her way into the container of Vaseline in her room- sigh- hat stuff is difficult to clean. Stu got up with them yesterday, so I figure it’s my turn to let him sleep in. 🙂

Enjoy your Monday and thank the Veterans in your circle!