Snow Day

The boys came rumbling and tumbling up stairs to our room at 6:52 this morning. Sometimes those boys remind me of puppies the way they tumble about instead of being able to just walk straight. Anyway, today their reason for this extra excitement was to inform us that it had snowed and ask to immediately go outside to play in it. Yeah… before 7am!

I let them know that they would have a chance to play in it later, but that right now mommy and daddy were not ready to get up. 😉 I had a difficult time even getting them to sit down for breakfast since Qade was certain that the snow would all be melted before he was done with his yogurt and banana.

He made it however.

Myles loves snow too!

Ella on the other hand was a little dismayed at all this stuff everywhere. Before breakfast she was looking out the window at the snow covered trampoline and repeatedly saying “Uh-Oh!” while pointing to it. As if to say, “someone is going to be in BIG trouble for making all this mess!”

The boys had a blast with the snow on the trampoline!

Ella found the one little patch of ground that didn’t have any snow and she stuck to that. 🙂

Qade asked me first thing this morning if it was winter now. He knows snow comes in winter. I told him it was almost winter and this was just the first storm. Myles asked if we could “Build a Christmas tree” now. 😉 Ha ha ha! These kids are so funny!