This n That

Stu and I got to go to dinner last night without kids! It’s been awhile. We enjoyed it!

I’m contemplating doing “balsamic chicken” for dinner tonight. Not sure if I really want to yet or not. I need to decide soon though because it’s a crock-pot meal. 😉

I’ve been sifting through the meat in the freezer and realized that we really need to eat it. So I’m making a pact with myself not to buy any more meat till we’ve been through the stuff that is not in vacuumed freezer bags. It’ll take a while, so I actually might break my pact if I find a really good deal on something, but I will vacuum seal it because it just works so much better that way.

I have yet to use my kitchenaid mixer. I think I’m intimidated by it like I was my bread maker and sewing machine. Silly, I know! If you have any recipes that are fantastic to use in a stand mixer like that, shoot them my way! I actually may be using it in the next day or two because my supplies came in for some of the natural body products that I want to try, and I know at least one of those uses the whisk attachment on the mixer to whip up the stuff. 🙂 Kind of funny that the first time I use it will be on a non-food item. 😉

I’m making yogurt today. Going to be making some bread too. Plus I’m crocheting a hat for my next newborn session. Little miss domestic today. 😉

Ella continues to wake me up each night, multiple times even, begging for juice in her cup because she doesn’t like water. 🙁 I refuse to give her juice and sometime I hope that it’ll sink in. I’ve even been contemplating just not giving her juice at all for a few days to get her used to the idea that she can drink water and be fine. Last night Stu got up with her and worked through her issues. Now that her bed is no longer a prison, she feels free to get up turn on her lights and make herself comfy in the rocker with her books and baby. Ha! Silly girl! I’m on the lookout for a good craigslist deal on a twin sized bed for her. I’m thinking we’ll just skip the whole toddler bed stage. Her crib converts, but when I attempted it, I realized that we were missing parts or hardware or something. Oh well. A twin is the biggest that will fit in her tiny room, and it’ll last her a good long time. Preferably something with storage built in underneath would be PERFECT!

So I suppose I should get busy with that chicken. It’s a new recipe and I had to buy balsamic vinegar for it. Here’s hoping it’s a winner! The lads have been rather vocal about “not liking” any food lately. Even the ones they actually do. Arg! That’s annoying. Anyway, that and some laundry begging to be folded and some bread needing to be started are all calling out my name, so off I go!