Happy Monday!

Had you a little worried there, didn’t I? 🙂 It’s not actually Monday believe it or not, but for some reason for just a moment as I was contemplating a blog title, it felt like Monday. Weird too because most of the rest of the day felt like Friday. Which is kind of depressing actually. Ya know, cause you think it’s Friday and you’re all psyched for the weekend, and then you realize it’s actually still 2 days away. It’s depressing to feel like Monday on a not-Monday too, but then you have that happy realization when you finally “get it” that it’s not Monday.

I think I should stop giving individual days so much importance. Every day is a good day, right? Well… you know.

Anyway, on my trip to IKEA I bought two of their Expedit shelving units. (Don’t ask me how it’s said, it’s Swedish!) I just had to get these because I came across a whole blog series on an IKEA hack that a lady did with them in her kid’s play room. The thought imediatly popped into my head that I could steal her creativity and do the same thing for our kids toys and such even though we haven’t got a dedicated play room space. I’m inventing one. 🙂 There’s plenty of space in this house it’s just not all totally useable, but it WILL be, don’t worry.

So I’ve got the shelves. Next on my ‘to-do’ is to get the fabric/foam/board for the cushion top on those! Oh yeah, they are going to be some stylin benches! Who woulda thought of turning shelves into a bench and storage? Well, someone did, but not me that’s for sure! For having such a vivid imagination it’s rather impractical most of the time. If I could imagine stuff like making a playroom seating/storage contraption with a couple of shelves that would be useful. 😉

Anyway, it’s a work in progress, but I was pretty excited to get the ball rolling with that.

Stu and I are going shopping in our favorite town (Yes, it’s dripping in sarcasm) Gallup this afternoon because we have nary a drop of milk in our house. Stu’s parents are here and going to have a pizza night with the munchkins. They will enjoy that! And we’ll enjoy getting the shopping done without them, honestly. 🙂

So, I’d better go and get the ice chest ready and all of that. Enjoy your not-Monday evening! 🙂