Gal time

This past weekend I got to escape the job of mommyhood for a couple of days with my dear friend, Rachael. Funny fact, we are both Rachael/Rachel Ann!! It was humorous this weekend when we’d order starbucks or a meal from Chick-fil-a and give our names. After the second one of us would say our name, the person behind the counter would kind of look at both of us with this, ‘You’re joking, right?’ kind of look. 🙂 It was funny!

Anyway, it was a long needed trip away. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Rach has 2 very cute and sweet kids, and of course I love our trio to the moon and back, but it’s still nice to have some time to just be ME! We had lots of fun conversations, and of course we talked kids stuff too, but at least we didn’t have to buckle any car seats! 😉

Some of the highlights of the weekend were going to IKEA! That was a first for both of us! We were totally blown away by the $.99 breakfast!! Then to go through the warehouse and see all the stuff and things you could do! I think it might be dangerous if I lived TOO near an IKEA. 😉 But I’d been wanting to go for a couple of years since I had seen several people using really cute props in their baby photos that they had got from there. I found the blankets that I wanted, but unfortunately the only color they had was white. BUT that was actually better than only having one of the other colors. I got 3, one to stay white and 2 to dye. I’m excited to see how that all turns out. But those blankets are the BEST for photos!

Another first for us was the Cheesecake Factory! Now I’d seen friends on facebook before talk about having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and for awhile I was confused at why you’d eat dinner there. Sounds like a dessert place to me. 😉 But they do have food, I learned. And it’s GOOD! And the cheesecake is SOOOO yummy too!! It was fun! And I wasn’t interrupted one time to help someone else cut up their food or encourage them to take more bites. 😉

We hit some outlets, and Target just to round things out, oh, and we went to a boutique fair hosted at a large church in the area. It was interesting to see the different things people offer. Mostly though, now that I’m a pinterest junkie, I kept thinking about how I could make those things too rather than buy them. Ha ha!

The weekend was just right. A couple of days away from kids and cleaning, good friendship, happy conversations, and some shopping. A great girls get-a-way.

Now I’ve somehow got to work it out to drag Stu to IKEA someday. Though I think he would LOVE all the organizational ideas that they have.

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