A trip to town

Allbymeonesy I took the 3 musketeers to town today. I can’t tell you how badly I tried to think of a good excuse not to. 😉 It was Ella’s 2 year check up, already past due, and she’s been sick to boot. So I finally told myself we’d do the check up, skip any shots, and just get ‘er done.

Most of the time I opt to have a back up plan for the rest of the herd when one has a scheduled doc visit. This time, my original thought was to have them all get their flu shots, so I didn’t get anything else backed up. By the time I decided that we’ve all been sick enough without the help of shots of any kind it was kinda too late.

Not that taking them all is THAT big of a deal, but sometimes it feels like it. 😉 We got out of the house on time for once this morning. Made it to goodwill to drop off some old clothing before the appointment. Qade happened to catch a glimpse of a pair of Ella’s old pants as the guy toted the bags off, and began to be concerned about what would happen to them. He gets a little attached to things, ya know? I assured him that they were too small for Ella and that someone who needs them would be able to find them at this store. He was comforted about the thought that another baby would be able to wear the pants.

Anyway, we made it to the doc’s and got through the check in/waiting room pretty quickly. Ella kind of spazez out when nurses want to take her temp or weight, but she did fairly well this time even though there were still tears involved. I had the foresight to bring along the iPod with kid games on it, so that kept the boys fairly occupied in the exam room. Ella yelled at the nice nurse practitioner that we saw, but she did better than she’s been want to in the past. She did have an ear infection in one ear, that was to the point of concern about bursting, so antibiotics were prescribed. Plus some zyrtec for her itchy skin. Hopefully they both help!

Ella is in the 90% for height, no surprise there, she’s been shooting up like a weed, and 70-something for weight.

After the visit I took the monkeys to their favorite eating joint, Wendy’s, and we all pigged out. I was starving because I unwisely missed breakfast, but the frosty’s we all shared made up for it. 😉 After our “chicken and fries” (Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger in my case) we met with some friends at a little park. We had time to kill waiting for the prescription, so that worked out well. The kids had a great time.

I have to congratulate myself on getting in and out of Walmart in record time because today was November first. If you’ve ever lived on or near a Rez then you’ll probably understand why that is a BAD day to choose for shopping. 😉 If not… ask me.

By this time in our day, attitudes are deteriorating, and so is patience. BUT we make it to the gas station where one of the lads informs me that he needs to go potty even though I had asked them while they were already “out” at Walmart and of course then the answer had been no. So we all piled out again, and made our way through the station where the kids all climbed on the classic coke car and truck that are parked inside. Oy! Finally after all the hands are washed, my sweet tea purchased, everyone buckled in AGAIN, we start out for the 45 min drive home.

I think that’s really where it all breaks down for me. Because while I wouldn’t mind taking all three of them with me to town more often, it’s the long drive at the end that makes it seem so much more tiring.

When we got home Ella didn’t want to stay in her bed for nap, and neither of the lads thought they needed a rest, but they were at least good enough to stay in their bed for a bit. I soaked my brain in pinterest for a few minutes, and that helped. 😉 I’m pretty tired today, but I’m glad that we all got out of the houses, had some fun, and got some meds for my girl. Hopefully now she can go back to being her chipper self AND sleeping through the night. Oh yeah!