Disinfectant Day

That’s what today is. I can’t seem to get my kiddos well, and this cycle of new sickness every few days is driving me crazy! Cold and yucky nose, cough and fever, waking multiple times at night EVERY night, and mommy is done!!

I’ve been pumping vitamins into them, keeping them hydrated, running humidifiers with eucalyptus oils and applying chest rub. Still we seem to be caught in the ickys vortex and can’t break out. And I’m running out of cough medicine AND patience. Last night Ella woke up screaming fit to be tied and I could not get her to calm down. She didn’t have a noticeable temp, she had plenty of liquids still in the two cups in her bed, but she was hysterical. She kept kicking her legs like something was hurting her or irritating at the least. I changed her out of her footie jammies which she only just barely tolerates anyway, and still she wouldn’t be comfortable. Changed her diaper, gave her juice which she wouldn’t even taste and finally just deposited her on the couch to cry where there was the least likelihood of disturbing the rest of the house. Stu came down and tried to calm her as well, but she just shrieked even more. Eventually I did give her some tylenol in case she was truly in pain for some unknown reason. She finally calmed down enough to relax with me in her rocker, and then when I thought it was safe I moved her back into her bed. I still am scratching my head over that one. But this morning she, of course, did have a temp. Good grief!


Today is disinfectant day. Myles and Ella willingly helped me wipe down door knobs and light switches with clorox wipes. I also wiped down Ella’s crib and her mattress and changed her sheets. I’ll be vacuuming the kids’ rooms this afternoon after Qade has done school. Yes, I’m a mean mom and making him do school today even though he tells me he doesn’t feel so well. He too has had a temp, but I think he’s well enough to put forth a little brain power. 😉

I’ll also be spraying down most of our surfaces with a vinegar/water mixture to try and kill any nasty germs that may be lingering just waiting to pounce.

Over all I’m ready for the nasty noses, cruddy coughs, and major grumpiness to go away!!

The end! 😉