This n’ That

I do believe that I’m succumbing to the cold that my germ laden children have brought into our house. My throat is on fire!! Probably my defenses against it were depleted by the 3-4 rather interrupted nights of sleep I got this week. Thanks, De Bella! 😉 Oh well, sipping on cold cold sweet tea right now and it feels wonderful!

I’m making a HUGE pot of chili for dinner tonight and for several lunches this week! I’m watching carbs again, and it seems to be helping. Down 3 lbs this week!!! I’d use 5 exclamation points, but it’s old territory that I had already lost before so it kinda doesn’t count… or does it? Anyway, I’m motivated right now. Not so much in the exercise department as the eating better food department, so we’ll go with that.

I ordered a couple ‘natural’ ingredients today to use in my naturalizing process. I should be able to make some “non petroleum jelly” with it and some fantastic looking body moisturizer/scrub. Wow! Can’t wait to give it a whirl!! Since the kids have had coughs I’ve been running their humidifiers with eucalyptus water in it and using the chest rub stuff too. It does seem to help, and has got to be better than vicks! I’m afraid I might be turning into one of “those” moms cause this week I found a recipe on pinterest for natural homemade fruit snacks and I can’t wait to try it! I’m becoming more and more adverse to chemicals and preservatives and junk that our bodies just don’t need. Yeah… hopefully my sense of humor will prevent my pendulum from swinging TOO far, but still I never would have imagined that I’d be making my own yogurt, laundry detergent, shampoo and soon deodorant and moisturizers. 😉 Ha ha ha! Oh well…

I did make some laundry detergent this week. I used Sal-suds instead of the peppermint this time, and I kinda miss the minty smell. Guess it really doesn’t matter since they come out of the dryer smelling like lavender thanks to my dryer ball. 🙂

Yesterday for “skills development” with Qade he was allowed to draw a picture of whatever he wanted. When I looked at it later, I noticed a nicely designed house with several green faces inside and they were all frowning. This concerned me slightly because I know that there’s a lot of psychology behind kid’s drawings, though I don’t buy it all. Still I wondered why the family in the house would be sad since he usually draws all of us with happy faces. So when he trotted in I asked him what he drew, and his reply made me laugh! “It’s pigs in the house and Angry Bird’s space.” That’s when I noticed the two birds, one red and round, one purple and triangle, headed for the house. 😉 I hadn’t seen them before because I was focused on the frowns. Of course the pigs are going to frown, the angry birds are about to break their house! Funny funny lad!

Ella is really starting to talk a lot more. She often will say “What?” now and in the correct context too. It’s pretty funny. Me: Ella? E: What? Ha! Her words are still not all completely clear, but her comprehension is amazing. I’m not nearly as concerned about it now as I was a few months ago when she was still trying to hum to communicate. 😉 She has her 2 yr check up this week, so we’ll see what the new nurse practitioner has to say about it. Seems we can’t keep a doctor around here. Just as soon as you get used to one they up and leave. Cant’ say I blame them since it’s Gallup. There is one Doc who is steady as the sun, but I had her before and whenever they are scheduling me for someone new, I say NOT her. Hey, it’s a free country. She can be as horrible as she wants and I can opt for her NOT to see my kids. It works. 😉

Myles is pretty excited about being a school boy. I didn’t do school with him on Friday because I was exhausted from our little trip to my parent’s. He asked, “Why I don’t do school all the time?” I just told him because I was tired! 🙂 I’m actually thinking that having Fridays off with him might be a good idea all around. Stu wrote a fun post about Myles on his blog so you should go read that too. 🙂

Well that’s all for moi right now. Have a great weekend, and don’t catch my cold!