A New Phase

So the other day I was telling someone (sorry I can’t even remember who) that Ella was still in her crib and I was hoping to keep her in it till after winter. I figured that while I’m sure she can climb out of her bed, that thought hadn’t occurred to her yet. I was afraid that Myles might climb into the crib and show her how one day.

Well, I guess I should have knocked on wood because the gal has figured it out, all on her own too! I spent a couple of nights at Oma’s house this week, and Ella was in the pack n’ play. This morning after keeping me up A LOT last night, I was trying to get her to “sleep in” a bit. The next thing I knew was the child attempting to open the door and escape. She had got out of the crib, turned of the “noise” and was ready to go on her way. 😉

Fast forward to this afternoon where I optimistically thought that she’d take a nap after we got home since she’d lost a bunch of sleep last night. I got her to bed, a little later got the lads stowed in their bunks so I could get the vehicle unloaded. At one point I heard a distinctive knocking accompanied by a very cheerful voice, very obviously not in her bed, saying, “Knock Knock!” I guess she felt she had been in her bed long enough and it was time to rise.


So now I need to figure out how I’m going to transition her to a ‘big girl’ bed. I don’t like to keep them in a crib once they can escape it on their own. However, since she is our WORST sleeper, this little hitch in our life isn’t very welcome right now. Her little room has no heat on it’s own, and if I keep her door slightly ajar when the wood stove is burning then it’ll stay warm enough at night. However, I don’t want her roaming the house of her own free will, nor do I want to use the space heater if she’s in a toddler bed. SO… looks like maybe baby gates are in her future. 🙂 Oh well, we’ll go with it and who knows, maybe she’ll become a better sleeper once she’s out of the crib. ??? Hey it could happen! 😉