New GTMO Torture

It’s called clothes shopping. 😉 Ha ha! Yeah, I suppose it’s a stretch to liken it to GTMO, but still, it’s not fun!

I was in rather desperate need for some new clothes for the Fall/Winter seasons. I got rid of a bunch (I guess, I don’t really remember where they went) after last Winter, and the few things that I did have left over don’t fit well. I have a difficult time with keeping sleeves long enough. One accidental trip through the dryer can turn a nice fitting sweater into a too short, sleeves not long enough sweater. And I hate tugging on my sleeves all day.

Anyway, since I had the option of my mom watching the kids, I headed out to my typical shopping place Ross. There were years when I was in college and shortly after when I could sort through the racks upon racks of those kinds of stores and find NOTHING that I would even attempt to try on. My thoughts would often question, “Who in the world would EVER wear something like this?” “Why would they even make something that looked like this in the first place?!” And the like. But for a few years now it’s my favorite place to get clothes. Whether the clothes have changed or my tastes have (I hope the former) I can usually find things to wear. Though I still look at a few things on the rack and thing, “Who would EVER wear that?” Till I see someone coming along behind me who snags it. 😉 Ha ha!

So, for this latest dash to Ross I really hoped to find a few pairs of pants to replace the ones that I am going to get rid of that I’ve been hanging onto since pre-kid days. I’m finally coming to grips that they will NEVER fit again. Because even though the weight might be gone… the shape is certainly different. Anyway…

I needed some warmer-ish tops as well.

I found a buggyfull of clothes to try on and then began the painful process of trying them all on and weeding out the winners from the losers. I often have various issues with the clothes. Something about having broad shoulders and rather slim hips (yes, I know I’m shaped like a triangle) and long legs and long torso, I just have trouble finding clothes that work.

This time around I realized that my biggest issue was that I’m between sizes. Many of the mediums were too big, while some of the smalls just won’t cut it in the sleeves or shoulders. *sigh* AND frustrating as it was, it was also nice that the size 8 pants were too big!! Of course most of the size 6 were too small. So where do people who are between sizes shop anyway??

Eventually I found a combo of medium and small tops that are going to work, and I tried out some different “styles” to help minimize the damage that having babies has done to my body, ha ha! And surprisingly I liked a few of them! I’m typically pretty cut and dry with my fashion choices, so it was nice to mix it up a little this time around. I also settled for a mix of 6’s and 8’s for pants as well. I think I’m pretty well set for awhile now, and even if I continue to shrink, since I’m still waging war on those last irritating, pesky, annoying pounds, I think I’ll still be able to make use of these clothes for awhile.

So there we go. Torturous as it may be, I survived to fight another day. 😉