The Future

Conversation with Qade today on the way to church.

Qade: I’m going to have 5 kids! (from previous conversation he wants 3 boys and 2 girls, he’s got this worked out. Ha ha!) Myles isn’t going to live in my house.
Me: Who is going to live in your house?
Qade: My wife, when I find one, and my kids.
Me: Can I stay at your house sometimes?
Qade: Yeah, you can come to my house. It’s going to be on the Red Hill, so it won’t be far away from your house.
Me: Oh, you’re going to live on the Red Hill? (This is a hill on the same property just down the dirt road)
Qade: Yep, and I will build a yard for my kids. My yard is going to have a wooden fence, and the kids can play in the yard.

Seems like he’s got it all worked out. 😉