Dryer Ball

I’m making Mickey Mouse cake pops today. My stomach is in knots because I’m SO nervous about them turning out. As if my sweet 4 yr old is going to care. 😉 I think I may be a perfectionist deep down somewhere that I’ve buried and every so often it unearths itself in the strangest of places. Anyway, if they are a success you’ll see them, and how I “done it” and if they are not, you will probably still see some in the birthday photos, but I won’t mention them, and neither should you. 😉 Ha ha ha!

But this post isn’t about the cake-pops it’s about the dryer ball I teased you about the other day. I got the idea from a pinterest thing, of course, but I’m too lazy right now to find it so I’ll just leave you with what I did.

First you need a pair of socks, long-ish, and some essential oil of your choice. I did Lavender, but I’m going to try Eucalyptus sometime too.


Fold up one of the socks in half and drop a few drops, maybe 15-20, of the oil directly on the sock.

Fold it up a bit more like so…

and stuff it into the toe of the other sock.

Then twist the sock and fold it into itself again.

and again…

until it’s completely twisted into a nice little ball.

Toss it in the dryer and add your clothes! They are going to smell AWESOME!!

And it’s just a hint of fragrance, so if you use lavender, you don’t need to worry that your manly, man is going to smell like a bunch of flowers. 😉