I’m procrastinating in a MAJOR way this morning. I have dishes to do, lots of tidying and cleaning, a birthday party to prepare for, cake to bake and all that good stuff. But all I really feel like doing is drinking more coffee and browsing all the great ideas on pinterest that I’ll never get around to doing because I’m a level 1 procrastinator. 😉


I do have some laundry in the washer going though… that’s something.

I’ll have to do a post soon about my “dryer ball” that freshens clothes! It’s awesome! Plus it’s easy, cheap, and uses essential oils rather than whatever chemicals they put in those dryer sheets that coat your lint thingy in invisible stuff that causes issues. Or something. Anyway, that post is in the works. Don’t look for it today… or tomorrow… but sometime. 😉

I took a proactive stance against whining today. This morning over breakfast I had a discussion with the lads and told them the whining was out of control and that explained the consequences for it today, and had them repeat that back to me. Some of the principles that I’ve been implementing from my most recent parenting book read. I’ll share some more about that too… later.

Ella is our resident dancer. It’s pretty hilarious to watch her jive to music. Stuart bought a CD from Cars Land at Disney that has some of the songs Mater sings on the Junkyard Jamboree ride, and of course she HAS to dance to those! It’s hysterical!

Speaking of procrastination, Myles has finally started school. He had his first day of preschool pictures done, and dug in with enthusiasm! I’m afraid the child will be ready for k-5 next year, but as of right now my plans are to wait an extra year. We’ll see what happens. Since he’s an October birthday, so it’s hard to know what to do with him school wise. Oh well, I’ll think about that later. 😉

Better get going. Things are deteriorating around me faster than I can put them back together. Not surprising considering my current procrastinating mood.

Au revoir!