We’re taking a little recess. 🙂 Qade was growing increasingly frustrated with his school, and I was growing increasingly frustrated with him, so recess sounded like a good idea all around! 😉

I’ve been making cake pops this morning! We’re celebrating De Bella’s 2nd birthday this weekend! I’ve been able to put it out of my mind that she’s actually 2 already, but once we have the part I’ll have to face reality. Not sure I’m ready for that… she’s supposed to be my baby!! (Whhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!) Okay, I’ll keep it together… maybe. 😉

Anyway, these cake pops are made with some kind of chocolate cake and some strawberry frosting. Seems like it’ll be a tasty combination. I may have to taste test one once they’re coated, just to ‘make sure’ they are good. Though if they aren’t there’s not much I can do about it at this point. Ha ha ha!

I also packed the goody bags for the other kids at the party. My sis-in-law calls them “consolation prizes” ha ha! At this age in our kids lives it’s a good thing to have consolation prizes at b-day parties. 😉 While I was packing them, I opened the tube of “glow” bracelets to distribute between the bags. The first one cracked almost instantly and made a nice little glowy spot on my counter. I figured out that I’d better leave them IN the tube and put them in the bags at the party. Since there were actually 15 bracelets in the tube, instead of 5 like I thought, I took out 2 more and cracked them too. I love doing that! Qade came in and asked what they were for and I quickly decided. “These are for you kids to have to celebrate that you have learned all of your short vowel sounds!” He then eagerly told me all of the short vowel sounds and happily took the bracelets outside to give to his brother and sister. 😉 Hey, I can think on the spot… sometimes.

I’m planning a total home declutter here soon. I’ll start in the kids rooms, of course, and then do the kitchen. After that I need to tackle my own drawers and closet. I’ve started to feel like things are overtaking us again, and I don’t like that feeling. Besides the kids need to thin out their stashes in preparation for all these birthdays and Christmas. We really are so blessed. When I think about the fact that I actually have to get rid of stuff to make room for the new stuff that will be coming to our home, it makes me feel very… well, materialistic, I guess for lack of a better word. We certainly try not to put too much emphasis on our things, but I know when we start getting overwhelmed by them, that it’s time for some purging.

Ella’s little room is too tiny to hold much ‘swag’ so it’s a good time to clean out all the baby toys that are no longer age appropriate and only get played with when the lads go in there to cause havoc. She’ll be getting a baby stroller and swing for her birthday. I was contemplating moving the rocker out of her room to make space, but I’m not quite ready to give up our rock/snuggle time before bed each night. 😉 So I’ll make room by getting rid of some other things.

The boys always end up with a million little pieces of stuff all over in their space. It’s all been neatly organized from time to time throughout the year, but as I’m sure you can imagine, it does not stay that way for long. I also need to tuck away a few of the things that I’m not ready to get rid of, but that they need a break from. I’m thinking it’s time for potato head and the train track to go into their closet rotation. 😉 This time around I’d like to engage them to help me decide what they’d like to keep and what they’d like to give away to other children.

Anyway, I need to do that AND swap out the summer clothes for some Autumn clothes! We’ve had a wood fire the last couple of mornings and I LOVE IT!! Nothing warms me up like a good wood fire!! So I suppose Fall is here to stay. 😉 Guess I’d better get on board. I realized recently that I got rid of a lot of my own worn out Fall/Winter clothes last year. So it looks like a shopping trip is in my near future! Woo-Hoo!! Yay for sweater weather!

Well, I’d better go deliver the bad news to the lad that recess is over. Time to dig in and get er done. 🙂


Well, I taste tested one and then just to be sure I taste tested another of the cake pops. 😉 I think they are passable. Problem now will be keeping them from all being eaten before the party! Ha ha!

Oh, and I found that adding coconut oil to the melted almond bark makes a world of dipping difference! FYI

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