That is what’s getting done today. Pretty much.

I have an oodle and a half of clean laundry that is begging to be folded, but every time I glance at it I glare at the pile like it’s a beast sent to devour me. We don’t have a very good relationship, laundry and I.

Dishes aren’t getting along with me either. They insist on piling up in the sink and for some unknown reason refuse to put themselves away and vacate the dishwasher.

I’ve had a cold, and the ensuing chaos of the “stuff” that gets a little sippery when I’m sick has totally overwhelmed me today. Stuart and the kids cleaned up a LOT yesterday, but you know how houses are on Mondays right? It’s like that… but worser.

Last night when I was tucking Myles into bed he floored me with this question. “Why our eyes have to blink?” Ha ha ha!! I explained as best I could that we blink to keep our eyes wet with tears so they don’t dry out. Eventually I had to resort to the tried and true, “Because that’s the way God made them.” Line, but it cracked me up that he was curious about our blinking eyes. 😉 This morning I asked him why our eyes have to blink and he just said, “So they can stay wet.” Ha ha! Funny lad!

In other Myles news, we were discussing Disney land and our favorite rides, and he told me that he would like to go on splashing mountain again, but that he didn’t like the “big mountain” ride because it was scary. 😉

Qade’s favorite ride was the small world ride, ugh!! He’s already talking about how we need to go on that one again when Ella is big enough.

Ella has been getting me up multiple times a night to fix “issues” with her cup. Either she wants “mo” (more) or is mad because it’s not juice, or the ice has melted or something. After getting up 3 times in an hour with her the other night (I was in NONE to nice a frame of mind) I decided that I was going to take her cup away cold turkey if this did not stop. How ridiculous! So last night when she was asking for “mo” after her milk was finished I gave her ice water and told her this was all she would get. It might be a fluke, but she didn’t even peep all of last night!! Wow!

The studio is a wreck (welcome to the house club) and my nephew is coming over for his first b-day photos, so I guess I shall stop glaring at the piles and get to work making them go away. Marry Poppins ruined me as a kid. I still keep thinking if I could only snap my fingers just right I could get it all done in no time! But no matter how hard I try, it never does become a game for me. 😉