I’m suffering from a miserable cold today. I was going to write a whiny post all about it, but decided instead to share this very special moment with you from our trip to Disney.

This was the ONE moment that I was counting on for the whole thing! Fortunately for us the Thursday we were in the park the lines were very very fast! I’m pretty sure that 20 min was the longest we had to wait for any ride that day. That is an important point because you see, if we had been backed up in the line for THIS ride and our oldest lad had a chance to watch other travelers come out of that mountain in a little log, you can bet this photo op would never have taken place. 😉

But it did and we all enjoyed the ride… as you can see! Ha ha ha ha!! Sorry, I just can’t stop laughing at the expressions on the kids’ faces. Way in the back there is my nephew Aiden.


When we got to the bottom I turned around to look at Aiden and his face was completely white, even his lips! Poor thing! However none of the kids complained about the ride at all. They even were able to say that it was “fun.” 😉 After this though Qade often asked me “Does it go down?” for the rides we went on after this. 😉 Ha ha ha!! Myles is a bit more adventurous and even went on Big Thunder Mountain with us in the dark. He said he liked that one, but he wanted me to carry him afterwards and he told me, “That was scary when we went down the mountain.” I’ll tell you more of that story later. 😉

It was a blast!