Twinkling of an Eye

There used to be an old southern gospel song that we’d listen to about how we would all be changed in a twinkling of an eye.
“When the Lord returns we shall all be changed in a twinkling of an eye. All the dead in Christ will be raised to life and we’ll meet Him in the sky.” Anyone else know that one? 😉

Anyway, I’ve heard lots of sermons on that particular passage of scripture talking about the rapture of the church. I know there are different thoughts on when the rapture will happen. I happen to be a pre-trib gal because for one thing I’d rather not be here when all that stuff is going down. 😉 But I digress…

I’ve heard people try to explain just how fast a twinkling of an eye is. Believe it or not there is science behind it all. Something about the time it takes (merely fractions of a second) for light to bounce off of the cornea of the eye… or is it retina? Dunno… obviously I’ve been paying close attention.

Regardless of if it’s cornea or retina, I’d like to offer a NEW scientific definition for the phrase “Twinkling of an Eye.” It is simply this, the time it takes between when I set the laptop on Qade’s desk for school and the time that Ella can get to it with a green crayon and color all over it.

That’s fast!