We celebrated my birthday a couple days early.

I got a Kitchenaid Mixer from my amazing Hurb!!!!

Ella fell off the bar stool and landed on the tile floor, on her head of course.

She had a trip to the ER and a CT scan.

It was traumatic for mommy and Ella, but we made it through.

She is fine.

Drove with 3 kids to my parents house.

Returned with 2 kids, packed up, picked up Hurb and left for his parents house.

Next day drove to Anaheim and Disney!!

Spent 3 days at Disney.

Two of the days the temps were in the 100’s. Like 108. Wow!

The hotel pool was a very welcome spot.

Had the time of our lives!

Drove back to Stu’s parent’s home.

Drove home.

Drove to my parent’s house, dropped off 2 kids.

Did newborn photo shoot with 8 wk old. That was different.

Picked up De Bella and snuggled muchly.

Drove home with 3 kids, 2 chain saws and a partridge in a pear tree.

Actually, just joking on that last one. 😉

Folded a TON of laundry. (literally)

More to follow on many of those events….


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