Wait, Summer, Come Back!!

I’m not done with summer yet. 🙁 But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that it’s done. *sigh* I keep thinking, “Man, it’s chilly for August!” It finally hit me this morning, it’s not August any more. *double sigh*

Ha ha! I know I can’t slow down the seasons, but in the last few years I feel like I barely have time to get my bones thawed out before it’s time to hunker down again. This year especially seems to have flown by on hummers wings it was so fast!

I know that Fall is on it’s way in. I know some of you are relieved that it’s nearly here. The signs all point to it. One, I’m wearing a sweatshirt for a good part of the mornings now. I don’t turn on the swamp cooler till late afternoon or close to bedtime now. I’m drinking some kind of coffee/international coffee mix/hot chocolate brew. 😉 There was a teeny bit of coffee left in the pot, and I didn’t want to brew more, but I wasn’t ready to be done drinking something warm, so I added bits of other stuff we had left over. 😉 Ha ha! And of course the Fall allergies have kicked in and I think I might just need to find a deep deep hole and not come out till that wretched sage is done doing it’s thing. Ugh!!

I had cereal for breakfast this morning. Not a good choice. It has contributed to my current mood by making me feel sluggish and slow. I know that it happens when I eat cereal, but this morning when faced with the choice of a quick meal or fixing myself some eggs, I opted for the express. I’ve been implementing some different discipline techniques for our monkeys, as well as teaching them to do more on their own. So it’s been keeping me hopping. This morning while I was weighing my options for breakfast, I was also teaching Myles how to make his own nutella toast. You can possibly see why cereal won today. 😉 But I don’t like this feeling so tomorrow I will make a better choice.

That’s another thing about the demise of Summer. I don’t eat NEARLY as healthy in the Fall and Winter. I mean, I make the effort, but it’s so much easier in the Summer months. In Summer I crave fresh fruits and veggies, and lighter meals. In the cold months all I want to do is wrap myself around a crockpot full of simmering chili and not move till the daffodils come up. Ha ha!

I also have issues being motivated to workout in the cold months. I don’t want to have to get up early because the house will be cold. 😉 I don’t like to go for a walk/run because the cold air hurts my lungs. I don’t like to be cold, okay? BUT I have to get back into a regular workout routine! I already know that I have issues with that winter time depression thing, and since I can’t just tear off the roof to let more sunshine in, I’ll need to cope in other ways. 😉 I know that exercise helps so it’s back to work on that one. Guess this evening is as good a time as any to start anew. Stu and I had been doing really well, but kinda got knocked for a loop when the family, and him, all got colds last week. Now I’m suffering from allergies, but no sniveling! If I look for excuses not to work out, I’ll always be able to find them.

Anyway, so I’m grumpy about Summer being over, but after I mope about it for a little bit I’ll bust out a pumpkin spice candle or something, and get into the Fall mood! But probably not till October. That’s when I officially crave Fall. That’ll give me a good month to mourn our dearly departed summer time. 😉

Anyone else?

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