Summer Shoot(s)

Better late than never, right? Ha! I have had these photos for awhile, but I was so frustrated with what I got originally that I didn’t even want to edit them or post them. Still, these ARE our monkeys, and after awhile just letting them sit there I decided that I do actually like them! Who knew? 😉 Anyway, I took these early on in the summer, and here they are just now crossing your screen. I’ll do one post for each monkey cause I couldn’t decide which ones to narrow it down to.

Here’s Qade’s. You can tell it’s old because he still has both front teeth! 😉





He’s such a handsome lad!

The boys were monkeying around on one of the fallen trees while I was trying to get photos of Ella, so we had to get a shot of them together. Do you think they look like twins? I get asked that from time to time. 😉