Returning to Usefulness… sorta!

Well, I bought the first Hunger Games book on Wednesday afternoon. Today (Saturday) I finished the third book. I told you I needed intervention!! 😉 It was nice to disappear into a fictional story for awhile. I haven’t done that in YEARS, so maybe I’ll have my fix for a bit. The first two books were very good, but I was a little depressed by the time I got through the third one. Don’t know why exactly except that I tend to take on the characters in the book, and it was too foggy, and depressed to be much fun in the third book. Plus, I would have liked a little more happy of an ending I guess. Or something.

But over all I think that it was a good read, and I understand that the author was trying to give young people a glimpse of War and violence and the effects on people.


Anyway, now that thats all done I can come back to reality and dishes and laundry, ha ha! Nothing like those things to bring you back to the present. But I don’t feel like doing much in that way right now either. I’ve been feeling a touch icky this week too. I’m not sure if it’s allergy related, migraine related, or stomach bug related. But whatever it’s related to it makes me feel bad and that’s no fun! Hoping that it’s short lived, and also that it’s NOT a tummy bug that my kids might get. THAT would be worse than no fun!

Our one ripening tomato from our attempts at gardening this year blew off the vine in a storm and ended up in the compost pile. Guess I can’t count it as a success after all. 😉

We survived our first “week” of school. There were 3 school days this week and Qade did pretty well with them except for Friday when he was rather unhappy that his brother got to go spend time with Grandma while he was stuck doing school. I was unhappy too because I really didn’t want this school struggle to start so soon. So I sat with him through the next segment of video. I participated in class and stood when the girls were told to stand, and answered questions. He eventually got back to being interested in instead of hanging on his desk with a martyr expression on his face. After that I let him go play and we finished the rest of the video after they were all back for nap time. He was plenty happy to do his school rather than take a nap, let me tell you!

Myles’ “school book” came in from Answers in Genesis this week and he spent awhile looking through it. I told Stuart that I hope he won’t be completely bored in k-5 after 2 years of this preschool curriculum. He’s not going to be doing as much school time as Qade of course, but he does need to have a worksheet time each day just so that he feels engaged as well. He still hasn’t figured out that he’s not the same age as Qade and therefore has no concept of why Qade should “get” to do school and not him. 😉 He’ll figure it out one day, I’m sure.

Ella wants to be in the thick of things, and she is going to be my challenge this year, I can tell. I let all of the kids sit in on the Bible lesson. Ella’s attention span is not that long, of course, but she would just go ballistic if she had to be left out, so I attempt to keep her occupied/quiet enough not to totally disturb the other 2. Myles’ attention span is also a little stretched by the lesson. He does a good job of participating with the class like Qade does, but sometimes he peters out before the end of the segment. That’s okay. It’s good practice, and good Bible stories, even if he doesn’t get the whole thing.

We’ve been getting rain lately and it looks so green around here! Well for HERE it’s green. For other places it would still be kinda blah looking. But we’ll take it! The grass is growing like weeds and so are the weeds! Stu has been doing some mowing and such to keep “beating back” the dessert that wants to take over our little patch. It’s amazing how much effort it takes to keep things that you don’t want from growing in your yard when you can’t seem to get anything else to grow there. Ha!

The hummers are still around and they fight and bicker for the feeder, though they often call a truce for a few seconds and everyone sits around the feeder and sips before they get back to fighting with each other. It cracks me up because they’re all happily perched there one second and the next they are all off of it, buzzing around in each other’s faces. Ha ha! Silly birds!

Stuart had to dismantle our Envoy because there was something dead in it. In the fan/vent part of it. This happened once before in his little car and he dug out a mouse. Last Sunday on the way home from church we noticed that there was a terrible noise and vibration when we tried to turn the A/C vent up higher than the lowest setting. I thought maybe the motor was just too hot or something (not mechanical here) but later in the week when I took the vehicle to the post office I recognized the unmistakable smell of something dead, yuck! After that Stu and I recalled the issue with the car and figured that must be what happened. Sure enough, he was able to locate the deceased and it’s attempt at a nest. This grosses me out beyond belief, but I also can’t figure out for the life of me how they manage to get into those spaces in the vehicle. It’s not like there is a clear opening to it, it’s a windy twisty place. We also use our vehicles frequently it’s not like it just sits there with a vacancy sign for mice, so I’m baffled. But I’m very thankful for my brave hubby who took care of the whole mess and cleaned things up to boot! I think my solution might have been to sell the vehicle and ride bikes. 😉

Anyway, I have to tell you to go watch the video that Stuart posted on his blog. Antics of our boys that you will not help but have to laugh over, fortunately caught on video to plague them with for years to come. 😉 You can see it HERE.

Toodles for today